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Cheap as colour cell phones

By Gary R, in , posted: 11-Apr-2007 16:35

I wouldn't normally peddle my wares on GZ but after using TradeMe I am actually sick of the inane questions and having to deal with Joe average punter.

We are the importer/distributor for Gtran and one of our claims to fame was the original colour CDMA Telecom phone - the Gtran GPC4020. Well we have had a bit of a sift around and built a whole heap of these out of parts. They are factory refurbished with a 14 day 'return to base' warranty.

Here are the specs:
*65000 colour screen, Dual LCD and Multi-coloured LED
*Mobile JetStream capable, for data speeds of up to 153kbps
*WAP 2.0 browser
*Access Xtra Mobile Services including;
*Text messaging, e-Zi predictive text entry
*Multi-location phone book storing up to 300 contacts
*Screen animations and pictures
*Two built-in Java games
*PC sync with phone to manage schedule, phone book (USB data cable and software available separately)

Weight: 88 grams with standard battery
Size: 86mm X 46mm X 22mm with standard battery

Normally we get $80.00 for these on TM but because there are no success fees and well because I am a hell of a nice guy I am offering these to GZ readers for a special price of:

$40.00 inc GST and plus freight (of course you can pick up if you live in Wellington)

Now just so that we can all avoid the obvious questions, I have picked the top 5 from my TM auctions and here are the answers:

'Do it have PXT man' - No it does not have PXT
'Does it cum wid da charger' - yes it does
'Watz da camera?' - it does not have a camera
'Duz it wurk on Vodafone' - no it is a Telecom phone
'Iz it on account man' - no it is not on account but you can connect it on account or pre-pay

We can program in a new number for you or transfer your existing number. If you are interested please PM me.

[Edit: I am no longer accepting immature and sarcastic comments to this blog, instead you can PM me]

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