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Jim Anderton is an Idiot

By Gary R, in , posted: 19-Apr-2007 14:44

I always thought he was an idiot and now my suspicions have been confirmed. As reported on Stuff old Jimbo has told an SPCA conference that smacked children are two and half times more likely to abuse animals.

Seriously Jimbo get a grip. The survey was conducted in 1999 on 267 university students of which only one third were men. That is obviously a true representation of all men. Seriously, what a thing to say when you have one survey and such a small sample size.

But what else would you expect from our self appointed minister or virtue and vice who was responsible for raising the price of fortified wine (Sherry) to stop young people get boozed on cheap high octane alcohol, yeah Jim that worked. While he was at it he allowed BZP onto every convenience store in NZ, well done Jim.

I was smacked and I don't take party pills. Based on my survey of one smacked male I can say that men who were smacked as children are 100% less likely to take party pills than those who were not smacked!

I am so angry and I can't wait to kick the cat when I get home!

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Comment by Grant17, on 19-Apr-2007 15:02

"I am so angry and I can't wait to kick the cat when I get home!"

LOL!!! Another entertaining post from Jama and some more good points made

Comment by darrylb, on 19-Apr-2007 15:18

That is so right! I cannot understand the complete insanity that this government comes up with.

I feel that these people are basing all their "research" on edge cases and extremes, not on the real world.

Not disciplining children is ironically exactly the same as bringing up undisciplined adults. I.e. you fail to discipline them and they will fail to discipline themselve. And unfortunately smacking works, and other methods in some cases do work but in the majority of cases are simply not enough.

Its madness... your post is not

Comment by lokinz, on 19-Apr-2007 15:34

"And unfortunately smacking works" - Unfortunately? Your saying that as if there was something wrong with smacking your children.
Jama, Shhhh Party pills are good! ;-)

Comment by sbiddle, on 19-Apr-2007 15:53

Your blog is on a roll at present Jama. 3 great posts in 3 days!

Comment by darrylb, on 19-Apr-2007 17:21

Nothing wrong with smacking... what I meant was it was unfortunate for those who oppose it - they are opposing an effective method of disciplining children.

Comment by juha, on 19-Apr-2007 17:55

You leave that cat alone...

Comment by alasta, on 19-Apr-2007 20:07

You better not kick your cat as it might start smacking your children.

Comment by rscole86, on 19-Apr-2007 21:53

At least your cat wont take party pills!

And if we abuse animals, does that mean your cat will abuse humans?

Comment by starboy, on 20-Apr-2007 10:49

Hey, ease off on the pills man, people who take party pills are less likely to indulge in aggressive behaviour than those who drink alcohol. (see ConsumerLink reesarch at www.stanz.org.nz)

Comment by TinyTim, on 20-Apr-2007 11:54

No, the cat will start picking on critters smaller than it like mice and lizards (because hitting is bullying).

Oh, wait, it already does that.

Comment by taniwha, on 21-Apr-2007 19:14

Jama needs a hug

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