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ANZAC Protestors

By Gary R, in , posted: 26-Apr-2007 15:47

One Valerie Morse was charged with offensive behavior for burning the NZ flag. Well, what a way to make a statement especially on ANZAC day. This woman obviously has no respect for the New Zealanders killed in the major conflicts around the world and she would obviously have been happier if some European nutter conquered New Zealand and confiscated all our freedoms. No one likes war but I am sure those present yesterday like Ms Morse even less.

Apparently Ms Morse belongs to a small radical, fringe group called Peace Action Wellington and from what I can ascertain she is also American. The fact that she is a foreigner makes the flag burning even more contentious and shows a total lack of respect for this country, the sacredness of ANZAC day to many NZ'ers and the sacrifice our forefathers made in the name of freedom.

Luckily for us we live in a democracy where we can totally voice our opinion and I am going to encourage you all to do just that.

I urge you all to tell her how you personally feel. You can email her at valerie.morse@paradise.net.nz or if you prefer the direct approach give her a call 04-383-9315

I haven't confirmed the phone number but if it is correct Ms Morse should learn not publish her contact details on the internet!

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Comment by mclayma, on 26-Apr-2007 16:52

Ive sent her an email. Imagine a group of Kiwis going to the states and burning the old "stars and stripes".
This person should get a grip and get out of NZ. Both my grandfathers were in the war and I feel that their service is cheapened by her act.

Author's note by Jama, on 26-Apr-2007 16:55

Good job! One of my grandfathers was an ambulance driver in Italy in WWII, imagine how horrific that would have been.

Comment by mclayma, on 26-Apr-2007 17:01

Jama here is some other details for her

For more information, please contact Valerie Morse,
valerie.morse (at) paradise.net.nz or 383-9315 or 021-147-3517

Comment by lugh, on 26-Apr-2007 17:11

"A member of a group which disrupted Wellington's dawn parade on ANZAC day has described the ceremony as extreme nationalism and likened it to flag waving in Nazi Germany.
Valerie Morse from Peace Action Wellington is likely to anger many of the thousands of people who turned out at dawn parades with her controversial comments.Ms Morse claims the rise in participation on ANZAC Day is orchestrated nationalism by the government."

Can anyone say 'crackpot'? If we were the extreme nationalist, junior imperalist country that she fears us to be, the police would have shot her. But no, she'll get the full benefit of a democratic trial as is her right fought for by our forefathers.

Looking at some of the comments by extreme left-wingers about this, there are some seriously uninformed plonkers spouting off. If they want to make a difference, why not sod off overseas and work against human rights abuses in Darfur or China (let's see her burn a flag in Tiananmen Square!). No, it's much easier to do in a "safe" country.

[I'm not a righty and these people seriously **** me off!]

Comment by Grant17, on 26-Apr-2007 17:28

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it Valerie: ============================================I feel compelled to express my disgust at your action in burning the NZ Flag on ANZAC day.On any other day of the year, I would be disappointed to see this happen, but we live in a free country, so I guess you can do it if you want.However, to burn the flag on ANZAC day in front of returned WW2 and other veterans shows a depth of disrespect which I find truly sickening. These are men and women who turned out to honour their fallen comrades that laid down their lives in order that we could live in peace.One of my Great Uncles was killed in the Belgian mud at Passchendaele during WW1 and with this e-mail I am also expressing his disgust at your action on Anzac day. You may as well have pissed on his grave.

Comment by timestyles, on 26-Apr-2007 17:44

Maybe she was burning the NZ flag because the US wasn't in WWI?

Comment by Grant17, on 26-Apr-2007 18:09

Timestyles, you really ought to read up on your history a bit more:

"Maybe she was burning the NZ flag because the US wasn't in WWI?"

Have a look at this page on Wikipedia:


As it says there:

"During World War I, when Britain and Germany were at war, on May 7, 1915 the Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, the U-20. It sank within 18 minutes, killing 1,198 of the 1,962 people aboard. The sinking turned sentiments in neutral nations against Germany and helped provoke the United States into entering the war two years later."

So much for the US "not being" in WW1...

Comment by juha, on 26-Apr-2007 19:00

Ahem ahem! Disagree with Valerie and her actions by all means but don't post her personal contact information. For obvious reasons...

Author's note by Jama, on 26-Apr-2007 19:24

Valerie already has posted her personal details. All it took was a very quick Google search. More fool her and she deserves what she gets.

Comment by freitasm, on 26-Apr-2007 19:44

So link to the Google Search Results and do not post it here... She will get off lightly more likely and then complain about your "attitude"... And you probably will get more than she is bound to get.

Author's note by Jama, on 26-Apr-2007 19:54

Don't agree Mauricio and I don't see the difference between linking to or publishing myself what is already public information. I think the majority will have more justification complaining about her behaviour than she will about mine. It is simple, do not publish your personal details on the internet.

Comment by gert, on 26-Apr-2007 19:56

The actions of Peace Action Wellington were misguided and inappropriate, imho. But posting personal contact details amounts to little more than an invitation for harrassment, which is almost as childish and misguided as the actions of Ms. Morse herself.

Comment by gert, on 26-Apr-2007 19:57

"do not publish your personal details on the internet." - so hiding behind nicknames is the way to go? Sad.

Comment by mclayma, on 26-Apr-2007 20:08

Or furthermore if you are going to publish your personal details dont Piss on the country that is hosting you.

Comment by Ron Thomas, on 26-Apr-2007 20:09

I read with sadness your venomous comments regarding the Wellington Protesters. I have never heard of the lady before and perhaps it was disrespectful to some people,but there are two sides to a story and if you know only one side you can be very positive about the justness of a cause. I believe had the New Zealanders who went to war in 1914 been Germans they would still have gone to fight for their country, because we are all conditioned by what we read and hear,and we can be made to hate and even kill other people,Just pin a name on them like Nazi, Commie, Terrorist, Viet Cong, Al Queda,Bin Laden, If we don't learn the lessons of history we are likely to repeat them

Author's note by Jama, on 26-Apr-2007 20:42

Venomous? I did not personally insult Ms Morse. There is nothing venomous in my blog, but there could have been.

Comment by Commenter, on 26-Apr-2007 21:09

I am a peace lover and I am appalled at Valerie Morse's performance. I find her comments very misguided and obnoxious. She is obviously very naive and self important. (Didn't anyone tell her about respecting your elders?) Mother Teresa once said she would attend a peace rally but not an anti-war protest....what is this lady doing attending a memorial day and burning the National Flag?!!

Comment by Heto, on 26-Apr-2007 21:53

She's an idiot. thanks for posting her details. You're a saint.

Comment by Robb, on 26-Apr-2007 23:30

Its a bit off that she has disrespected the very people that fought and died for her right to free speech and the tax payer grant system to finish her uni studies.


Comment by Ian, on 27-Apr-2007 03:26

I'm afraid I fail to see how there can be 2 sides to burning the burning of the flag on a national day of rememberance, especially if it was done by an american, or any foreign national for that matter.

It doesnt matter what her issue is, you just dont turn up at the likes of Anzac Day & burn the flag many of the people in attendance lost family fighting for. There is a time & a place for that kind of thing, and if she feels so vehementally about stopping war I suggest she moves back to the states & camps out in front of G.W's front gate & protest there. With so many wars around the world why would u ever choose NZ to protest in ???? nutcase

Good on you for posting her details by the way. I doubt she's smart enough to learn from her mistakes, but teaching her to show some common decency & respect for those who fought for our (and her) freedom won't hurt a bit. She was quite lucky I wasnt there to see her do it, I'll say that much.

Comment by Tigger, on 27-Apr-2007 10:03

It's worth remembering that a nutter did just about take over Western Europe. He nearly succeeded because he had the support of the right-wing in much of Europe. We should never forget that the UK strategy of appeasement was not a strategy of anti-war leftists, but a strategy of right wingers who had considerable sympathy for Adolf Hitler and his objectives. Millions died as a consequence.

Comment by Scott, on 28-Apr-2007 02:33

All this outrage over a little flag, and none at all over the war crimes being committed by Anzacs overseas, like the murder of two East Timorese youths on February the 23rd in the Comoro refugee camp West of Dili. Educate yourselves:

Comment by tim, on 28-Apr-2007 10:51

this is to valerie: "how dare you burn my countries flag on ANZAC day, this utter disrespect should never go unnoticed, as you have sickened hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of New Zealanders and Australians, our country is not turning into Nazi Germany, but probably into a Communist State. so get your facts straight! if we had capital punishment, we would definitely want you to be hanging in the noose right now for that cowardly act on my country, go back to America and burn your own flag you traitor!"

yeah... such disrespect on our country, but then again...this idiot probably spent half her life in a mental ward.

Comment by KG Morse, on 4-May-2007 06:43

Valerie Morse was born in New Zealand. I know that because I am her brother, and was there when it happened. Frankly, Kiwis coming to burn the American flag on US soil, while unlikely to happen, wouldn't really irk me (a U.S. citizen) that much. A flad is just a symbol, and when the country it stands for no longer embodies its "founding principals," what good is it? I lived in New Zealand until I was 5, and have been back to visit a couple times. I love the country, I love the people. Unfortunately, the U.S., just like NZ, has fallen victim to corporate greed and warmongering in the name of profit. Valerie's message, however it is delivered, is one of peace, hence the name "Peace Action Wellington." Don't be brainwashed by the government-controlled media. Listen to her words and decide for yourself. Citizens of the US have already suffered this fate, and it will destroy this country before long, "superpower" status notwithstanding.


Author's note by Jama, on 4-May-2007 16:54

Thanks for the comments KG Morse. Your sister just picked the wrong day. ANZAC day is not about warmongering it is about honouring the dead. Most people I know (myself included) are against war and I have no problem when your sister protested outside Te Papa against the military munitions conference.

I do have to question just how peaceful 'Peace Action Wellington' actually is when they list such an eclectic mix of people belonging to their organisation.

'Members of various left wing political parties, socialist organisations, unions, other groups and anarchists, participate in running PAW.'

Comment by Ron Thomas, on 7-May-2007 21:32

In reply to Ian 27-4-07 who can't see two sides to the burning of our national flag, my point is, had the young men who went to the other side of the world to fight a war, known both sides of the story they may have thought, THIS IS NOT MY WAR, or had they been politicaly consious, may have questioned the properganda that saturates the media encouraging young people to war.

Comment by Ian, on 13-May-2007 08:51

Dear Ron,

I suspect you missed my point, or perhaps I just wasnt clear enough. Much akin to Jama I think she first of all picked the wrong day, and secondly picked the wrong form of protest..personally I think by burning our flag you not only insult those who died for it, but indeed all New Zealanders. Have a little respect, please. Maybe she could protest with a placard like normal people do, you get the same positive result, without any of the backlash :)

By the way, "not our fight" would be a nice mantra, but what do you propose when the "war" is for humanitarian grounds ? eg genocide, or ethnic cleansing ? plenty of them in the world...i can only assume your against peace-keeping as well ??
You also mentioned our fighting on the other side of the world...so I assume you believe Germany fought a rightous war in WWII & we were wrong to try & stop them ? what part of the slaughter of millions at the hands of the Nazis & Japanese was allied proganda per se ?

Comment by R Davidson, on 22-May-2007 11:34

Well done Jama for setting this up. I was approached by the TV camera at Dawn service, But said i would only comment on the Hayley singing issue and now those disrespectful beings over the road. My grand-father fought in Africa and Italy in WW2 and my father on numerous peace keeping operations. The flag symbolises our country, and at dawn service it is used as part of the patriotism towards those idea's. An elderly lady broke down in front of me when a horn was blown over the reading of the name where Kiwi's had fought. Later talking to I discovered her Husband died of wounds inflicted in WW2 and her Son in Law suffered serious wounds helping villages in one of the "conflicts" being drowned out by a trumpeted. How was that right??? I feel the timing and methods of these people is very misguided.

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