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Who Owns the Sky Satellite Dish?

By Gary R, in , posted: 1-May-2007 12:37

Are you wondering who owns the dish on your house? Are you thinking about dumping your Sky subscription and reusing the dish for Freeview? Well you might want to think again.

This is according to Sky

Q. Do I own the aerial/dish and decoder?

A. SKY retains ownership of the equipment.

Fair enough as well. I paid $99 to have the dish installed but I never actually paid for the dish therefore if I cancel my Sky subscription and reused the dish I believe that Sky would be totally justified in sending me a bill for the cost of the dish. Sky is a competitor to Freeview and there is no such thing as Free-ride I think you may find that Sky will be filling the 2-part invoice printer in preparation of a billing frenzy. What a great revenue spinner:

10,000 (dish/roof mounts/cable) x $200 = $2,000,000 on the bottom line.


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Comment by stevonz, on 1-May-2007 13:00

Please. You actually think they're justified?? What if I move into a house that has a dish on the roof? I didn't sign a contract with Sky.

Tell them to come & collect it if they own it... and if they make any damage to the roof/ side of house - send them the bill.

Comment by Bung, on 1-May-2007 14:34

I remember seeing someone selling garage ladder racks made from Sky dish brackets at a saturday market. So someone is harvesting them.

Comment by sbiddle, on 1-May-2007 15:15

There are also plenty of Sky dish's sold on TradeMe. Normally when somebody sells a dish complete with mounting bracket it's obvious they've ripped it off a building!

Comment by Jason R Briggs, on 1-May-2007 15:25

To stevonz: Exactly. When we moved into our rental house, there was already a sky aerial. I paid $99 to get sky installed they came and installed a new dish. But if I cancel Sky and go with Freeview (I won't, the kid watches Cartoon Network) and then get a bill for the dish, I'll be sending them a removal notice, and start billing them a percentage of my rent until someone comes to take it down...

Comment by Craig Box, on 1-May-2007 21:29

I was always of the impression that, especially with the UHF stuff, the aerial "belonged to the house", and while you weren't allowed to take it when you moved, it wasn't Sky's property.

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