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Sky are Sat Dish Spotting

By Gary R, in , posted: 9-May-2007 09:31

If you have an unused Sky sat dish on your house you may have received this letter. Interesting that they have only dropped the install to $49 considering that the dish and wiring are already there. Come on Sky I am sure you could do better than that.

BTW - I don't agree with the 'Crystal clear digital picture' comment.


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Comment by Bung, on 9-May-2007 10:03

If it's an unused dish it probably needs a LNB change so it will take more contractor time than just plugging in the decoder. Why gripe about $50 compared with Telco reconnection fees involving less work?

Comment by simon14, on 9-May-2007 10:47

It may need an LMB change yes... but thats not really a biggie!!

The installations cost Sky around $200 (not including decoder, but does include the dish and accessories.)

The plugins cost Sky around $40....

The intersting thing is, in the past if you only needed a plugin,, you still paid the full installation rate at the time, even though it's costing Sky less to install!

Comment by Bung, on 9-May-2007 11:52

Simon, I don't know where you are but in my suburb in Wellington getting anywhere near the dish involves considerable ladder time. (and it's LN for Low Noise)

Comment by rscole86, on 9-May-2007 19:15

I also got the letter, theres no way ill take there offer though. Ive never had sky and never will. The house had a dish on it when we moved in, our dish still works fine as I have got it working with Freeview. But the TCL boxes work even better :)

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