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This is Getting Ridiculous

By Gary R, in , posted: 15-May-2007 13:15

Do we and should we care if Police (whether in uniform or not) were watching an adult movie in the 1980's? Comments from Annette King that it is was unacceptable then and unacceptable today for any police to watch an adult movie at a party is bordering on the ludicrous. The government is desperately trying to recruit more Police to pay back Winston for his support in the last election but comments such as those from King will only serve to make people think twice before joining the force.

I had always thought that PC stood for Police Constable now it looks like it needs to include a second 'PC' for Political Correctness.

So, unless you are a virgin still living with mummy and daddy who has never had a drink or been at a party where 'something' illegal might have been going on don't bother to apply to join the force. Very quickly we are sinking down the PC gurglar where Police Force is becoming Police Farce. The irony of all this is that criminals can do whatever they want and live whatever way they choose while our police must have the morals of a saint.

It puts a whole new meaning to the Police ad campaign - 'Get some better work stories'.

Seriously, it is just getting ridiculous.


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Comment by bradstewart, on 15-May-2007 13:54

Jama I love your right wing rants. Keep them coming.

I totally agree with you there, I think the story itself creates more harm that the actual event itself. Shame on Investigate (unless of course they print something that brings down our 'government')

Comment by cjs6793968, on 15-May-2007 14:13

IMO, if that's the best dirt they can dig up on the guy, then he's fairly damn squeaky clean.

Comment by psycik, on 15-May-2007 14:57

But does it make a difference if what he was watching was considered objectionable under objectionable items list??

But generally yes I agree with you.

Comment by lugh, on 15-May-2007 16:16

Good ol' Ian Wishart. So desperate to be the right-wing Nicky Hagar and just coming across as a little weasel instead.

Annette's reaction's a little OTT though.

Comment by rscole86, on 15-May-2007 18:47

It was 25 years ago so who cares?
It may be a different story if all of the district commanders got together today so that they could watch some BDSM pr0n. And were using tax payers money.

Comment by cableguy, on 15-May-2007 22:48

I couldn't agree more Jama.....to much Political Correctness in this country !..which is why I am now an ex cop!!

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