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Sky gouging

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-May-2007 11:00

A price rise from June 1st will see the start up package rise to $47.73 p/month. Adding sports and movies takes it to $83.76 p/month. Movies and Sport were $33.78 and are increasing to $36.03. Not much of a hike but it all adds up to a lot of money for TV. Might be time to look at FreeView given that I don't watch most of the crap on Sky anyway.

Lets see:
Sport - don't care
FreeView - Free
Movies - $4 p/DVD @ 1 DVD p/week = $16.00

Compared to: Sky Basic $47.73
TVOne, TV2, TV3, C4, Prime - Yes, I watch these but they are free anyway
SKY 1 - never watch it
UKTV - never watch it
Disney Channel - never watch it
Playhouse Disney - my son likes it
Nickelodeon - no, never watch it
Cartoon Network - wouldn't even know what channel it is on
Juice TV - no, don't watch it
J2 - ditto
MTV NZ - crap
Alt TV - wouldn't know what it is
E! - crap
The Living Channel - occasionally
Food TV - no
Maori TV - yuk
ESPN - no
TAB Trackside - no, don't like horse racing
BBC World, SKY News New Zealand, CNN, Fox News - I get all my news on the internet thanks
The Weather Channel - no, boring
National Geographic Channel - sometimes
Documentary Channel - not really
Discovery Channel - yes, sometimes
Animal Planet - wife likes it
The History Channel - yawn, don't mention the war

Interesting that Sky choose now to put prices up. You would think that if Sky purchases programming in USD it must be costing them less than what it used to.

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Comment by lugh, on 28-May-2007 11:58

Always enjoy your rants Jama!

Would you watch a "TechTV" channel or a Scifi one if they had them? They annoyed me when they told me these were niche channels and therefore would not be popular enough to offer (like the Indian or Arts channels aren't niche channels).

And where do you get $4 DVDs??

FYI... AltTV = non-mainstream music channel with really amateur VJs

Comment by Grant17, on 28-May-2007 11:59

"Interesting that Sky choose now to put prices up. You would think that if Sky purchases programming in USD it must be costing them less than what it used to."

Yeah, I quite agree with you. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Basically they put the prices up because they can I guess...

The value proposition for Sky subscribers is definitely less compelling than it was. Once a few more channels get rolled out on FreeView, it will be even less compelling.

For some people who watch a lot of Sport (not me), Sky is worth the money I guess. Personally, the only channels I would really miss are BBC World and Prime (because we can't get it in our remote area). My wife also likes Sky1, FoodTV and we both sometimes watch the Living Channel for Travel programmes etc. It is also sometimes nice to have Nat Geo, Discovery and Animal Planet although we don't watch them that often.

Quite a lot of money to pay for just a few channels, I agree. "Gouging" would be the word that springs to mind.

Author's note by Jama, on 28-May-2007 12:07

Yes I probably would watch SciFi or Tech TV but then again that is what I have the internet for...

Comment by cokemaster, on 28-May-2007 17:47

A lot of posts discussing monopolies, lack of competition, and price increases apply here (previously used to discuss broadband).

Comment by simon14, on 28-May-2007 21:18

What a stupid time to put prices up, right when Freeview is launched.

This is really a dumb move on Sky's part.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-May-2007 23:12

Cut it off!!and get that freeview Di Di Di Digital.

The "pirate compatible" decoder that I saw does interest me.

The amount of people whom have sky but never watch it amazes me!, I really must get around to cloning that NDS crypt card too. I got the gear just need to do the deed.

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