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Aucklanders - I know where your water rates are going

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-May-2007 12:16

$2M is being put aside to look into offering free WiFi in public buildings and parks. On top of that there will be $600K for operational expenses and a 100km fibre network costing between $20-$25M.

Of course the council is looking for private investment to assist with the fibre role out. They should ask TCL for a few dollars as I am sure TCL must have some pocket change left from the Tauranga network that very nearly was.

Looks like the future is dodgy, trench coat wearers in public parks with a UMPC in the pocket. Quite ironic really when it costs money for life giving/saving water but all the pr0n you could ever want is going to be free.

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Comment by antoniosk, on 28-May-2007 12:38

Water over fibre?

Comment by Grant17, on 28-May-2007 12:53

Further details are in a Herald story published today:


What REALLY REALLY sucks is that 2/3 of the 140% increase is going back to Auckland City Council as a thinly disguised rates increase, with just 1/3 going into Capital Works by Watercare i.e. where the money is actually needed.

And the mayor Old Mother Hubbard goes along with this ploy as being quite acceptable. Auckland City Councillors say:

"Officers said the proposal would improve the company's funding mix and send price signals to customers."

SEND PRICE SIGNALS alright, but this level of increase is more EXTORTION than just a signal. The average household water bill will rise from $717 now to $1711 over 10 years. That is truly horrendous

Hubbard and his gang of Highway Robbers will pay the price for this at the next election

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