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No Wonder Pizza Hutt Sales are Sloppy

By Gary R, in , posted: 30-May-2007 09:15

Stuff is reporting that Restaurant Brands is not doing too well with their Pizza Hutt business and I know why.

Just last night I was at the sister in-laws birthday which was a small gathering of 11 adults and children. We decided to order Pizza from the Hutt and all up it came to about $120.00. My brother in-law phoned at 6:30pm to place the order so that we would be eating before 7:30pm to appease the hungry hoard of kids. By 7:30pm nothing had arrived so we rang the Hutt back. Well... this is where it gets fun:

According to person we spoke to the Hutt does not prepare orders over $100 if they can not confirm that the order is for real. So, they phoned us back, we missed the call so the Hutt didn't prepare the order. We argued that because of caller ID they could see that the order was placed from a home phone and that they must have a delivery history for this address. They replied that 'it doesn't work that way' and unless they can confirm the order, as in we answer the phone they will not prepare the order. So, my brother in-law got a little bit annoyed with the Hutt and demanded that they get the Pizza here pronto.

At 8:30pm nothing had arrived so we again rang back and spoke to the same person. This person advised that the order had not been prepared because we had upset him and that we should have been more 'polite' when  we  phoned at  7:30pm.  Wow, we were all amazed to say the least. So, in the end we canceled the order and phoned Dominos. It arrived in 30 minutes no questions asked and no phone back to check the order. Not only did it arrive on time but it was also cheaper!

We finally got to have our dinner just after 9pm. Unless Restaurant Brands sort out the service I can see the Hutt sliding even further backwards. We will never order off them again!

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Comment by stevonz, on 30-May-2007 10:14

Mate, I've boycotted Pizza Hutt for years now. My last pizza I bought from them was in Sydney a few years back... it arrived but I couldn't actually see any cheese on the pizza!!! Voted with my feet - NEVER AGAIN!!!

I now use Hell Pizza here in NZ... yum yum!

Comment by freitasm, on 30-May-2007 10:22

"Upset" him? For goodness sake. Sloppy service, you complain and that's what happens?

We've ordered from Pizza Hut a few times lately. They never get the order right. We say 1/2 this and 1/2 that and it comes as a single of their choice. Other day it came with a thin base harder than a cream craker biscuit.

Appaling quality.

The problem with Dominos is that back in 1990 I went to the U.S. It was January, in the Pensylvannia. Snow everywhere. I ordered a Dominos, just cheese. Alone in a hotel room. And it was so horrible that I promised never to order Dominos again. More than seventeen years later I stand and have not ordered from Dominos. If they want to prove me wrong, I am glad to accept a pizza to try - but I wouldn't buy even to try it.

Comment by TinyTim, on 30-May-2007 10:30

You can always tell a Wellingtonian, with their (our) own way of spelling Pizza Hut!

(Erg, bad memories of all-you-can-eat Tuesdays. I don't miss going there. )

Comment by chiefie, on 30-May-2007 10:39

Boycott Hutt... the only thing I like with their pizzas is thin and crispy. other than that, they're not that special. I do like to try the Chicago Deep dish pizza that I saw in Food TV programme.

Author's note by Jama, on 30-May-2007 11:14

I spell it 'Hutt' because it reminds me of 'Jabba the Hutt' as in eat too much pizza and you will look like Jabba!

Comment by Scott, on 30-May-2007 16:34

Hi Gary,

I work in the Marketing department for Pizza Hut. I was hoping you would be able to contact me to discuss the appalling encounter you received from us. The incident that you state in your blog is grounds for instance dismissal and I would like to find out more details so that we can find the person responsible and address it with them.


Comment by askelon, on 30-May-2007 16:40

I had the sad misfortune of trying Pizza Hut in the States.. In San Antonio to be exact. Now normally I wouldnt eat that crap here (Dominos just makes better pizza!) but hell it was like 11:30 at night, we were hungry and there was still lines outside all the local restaurants. $20 (plus tip) later (Medium Pizza, bread sticks and 2 drinks) we had a meal consisting of breadsticks (which were great btw, pity the staff were too lazy to cut them!), a piece of cardboard with Im guessing some dye on it to make it look red and white and a couple of flat drinks. We couldnt even be bothered complaining this time - I didnt find one food place up to an acceptable and edible standard in the 4 nights I was there. Needless to say I wont be eating Pizza Hut ever again in any country. I find the NZ ones slightly better but still crap. Customer service there left alot to be desired as well.

As for those Chicago pizzas (the ones in the frozen food isle) from memory the BBQ ones pretty good and cheap! ;)

Comment by chiefie, on 31-May-2007 13:59

I wonder who will Jama able to contact this "Scott" since there's no contact information to return too...

And askelon, where can you find the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in NZ?

Author's note by Jama, on 31-May-2007 14:02

I have been in touch with Scott via email :) I will update soon.

Comment by simon, on 1-Jun-2007 09:11

Deep dish is the tits - we need it in Aotearoa.

Comment by Brian, on 9-Oct-2007 17:54

I have to say after getting home and finding an unsatisfactory meal That we picked up, i rang the local distributer he was so rude ,i decided thats not good enough and and rang there help line they left a message for the area manager to ring me no joy he is also rude not to return call.So i thought lets help the investors out and sent an email to several of the different managers in Auckland they obviously wernt worried a stuff either just taking there big pay and shaft the everybody they are supposed to be working for so pizza hutt no wonder people are speaking with there feet and going to dominos like me and if your an investor reading this take a tip sell and invest else ware regards ex customer

Comment by Hannah, on 23-Feb-2008 21:12

First of all..

I beg to differ. It seems everyone has jumped on the "Lets crucify Pizza Hut" bandwagon. I personally enjoy a meal from pizza hut, I especially love it when i can head out to dinner and relax in a wonderful restaurant where the staff are always so genuine and helpful. Yes Pizza Hut does get it wrng sometimes, I have been a regular there for years now and they certainly have mucked my order up more than once. But years being over ten years, and maybe a handful of times ive recieved an incorrect order. Dominos however, I've brought one pizza there since they opened in our city. It was an experience i dont like to remember. Not only was the service appauling, (the male was rude and abrupt) But my pizza wasn't that great either. Maybe, had the service been a bit more hospitable, and even just one of the staff who saw me gave me a quick smile like the staff at pizza hut do, I may have just settled and ate their pizza. But instead i left my money at that store and walked out with dominos workers smirking at me. Yes Pizza Hut makes mistakes, Yes they get it wrong, But what business has ever not gotten it wrong after a long duration of that business being open? Think about it. I would rather have a Hut Pizza anyday.

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