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Renaissance Corporation sell direct

By Gary R, in , posted: 30-May-2007 10:04

This is a follow on from my blog yesterday about retail margin gouging and a paradoxsm and Jama tag team special on where to buy direct to get the lowest priced tech goodies.

Renaissance are an NZ based company who import and sell products from Apple, Palm, US Robotics,NEC and other companies. Traditionally Renaissance have only sold through the retail/dealer channel and not direct to you and I. Through their subsidiary Conduit International they have established Staffbuy an online web store to sell all their products directly to the punter which bypasses the traditional 'bricks and mortar' retailer.

To get an account you need to convince your employer to enroll which is a simple and painless process. Staffbuy then send you a login that everyone in your business can use to buy direct for the web site. They accept payment through visa and Mastercard. The freight charge is $7.00. All the prices are shown as inclusive of GST.

It is early days so they don't have a huge selection of product yet but I can see that as it grows more and more distributors could consider joining. A cursory look shows an iPod Nano 4GB for $301.62 compared to $318.00 on the Apple NZ website. Not a huge saving but the true value could come from products that are being quit through the 'bargain bin'. So far on Staffbuy they have laptops/desktops from NEC, PDA's from Palm, lots of Apple stuff, LCD monitors from Philips, memory products, network stuff, cameras, printers, etc.

There is a 'demo' login which allows you to have a look around but to actually purchase something you need to join.

Try it out:
Login: demo
password: demouser

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Comment by juha, on 30-May-2007 11:00

You and Paradoxsm are sitting on a pretty good story there...

Comment by lugh, on 30-May-2007 17:58

Nice one Jama - thanks for the pointer! 

I've passed those details onto our HR trolls - hopefully I'll soon hear the groaning of our ponderous bureaucracy trying to move.  (I'll be lucky!)

Comment by riahon, on 30-May-2007 18:26

Can we join as a geekzone collective? Freitasm?

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