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Tax on Tax is just Silly

By Gary R, in , posted: 1-Jun-2007 09:51

The Jama Party is releasing its second policy in one week. Unlike the Jama Party tax policy this one was not conceived over a few beers so it is probably a lot more coherent.

We believe that GST on already taxed products and services is just silly and it is legalised theft by stealth. For example, each time the government raises the price of petrol there is also that additional stealth tax called GST. This is really not fair. On any goods that already incur an excise tax such as fuel, booze and cigs lets cut off the GST. Any tax such as council rates and vehicle registration the GST is gone.

In addition we think it is silly to charge GST for a government service provided by either an SOE or a government department. This will include things like state generated electricity, passports, marriage certificates, drivers licenses, etc. Because Air NZ is also essentially an SOE we would remove GST from air fares.

While we are at it we will remove the GST from telecommunications simply because it is not fair to pay a stealth tax on what is an essential and vital service for our economic growth. This initiative alone would propel us up two rankings in the OECD 'telecommunications value for money' stakes.

We can also take it off things like doctors visits, prescriptions, child care, parking fines and speeding tickets.

As already stated in our tax policy there would be no GST on essential goods like food. We have not quite worked out yet the finer points of what constitutes food. For example, are rum filled Belgium chocolates considered food? We are not exactly sure and we are open to consultation on this taxing issue.

Jama has roughly calculated that his own average family of husband, wife, child, cat, gold fish and two cars would save approximately $3500.00 per year from this innovative policy. This is an additional $67.30 per week in the piggy bank.

All in favour say 'Aye' all those against say 'Nay'

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Comment by Noviota, on 1-Jun-2007 10:33

Aye this is good.

Got another idea for you,

How about FREE public transport. Trains, Buses, etc.

Charge more for parking in, access via car to central cities where there are adequate buses, trains etc to cover the costs if needs be.

There would also be lower costs for transport providers, as there would be less administrative overhead.

This would allow anyone to hop on these services for free, increasing patronage.

But again, are you actually going to run?

Comment by stevonz, on 1-Jun-2007 10:50

Aye, aye me hearties!

I'd definitley vote for you!! Although, its a bit like the tail wagging the dog... I mean, how many seats would you get if you got in??? Maybe 1? How would this translate to policy change issues?

There would need t be a major paradigm shift for the general populus to dump the majors (Nat's & Labour) and move to the Jama party.

Funding! Elections cost a lot of bucks... gonna need A LOT of fundraising...

Lobbying! Stay true to YOUR ideals - not the lobbyists. I believe this is the one factor I truely hate in politics. Politician 'A' stands for X, ut with enough donations and/ or pressure from the loobyists (not the constituents) you flip flop...

Blah, blah.. I'd chuck you my 2 votes. ;-)

Comment by sbiddle, on 1-Jun-2007 10:51

Remember how Peter Dunne always mentioned taxes upon taxes being illegal (primarily things such as rates) over the years yet now he's Revenue Minister and has the power to fix the problem he chooses not to? Idiots like him who go back on their word should be booted out of parliament.

I personally believe that removing GST on food is one of the fairest methods of giving people a "tax cut" because everybody has to eat.

Author's note by Jama, on 1-Jun-2007 10:55

Thanks for the 'Aye'. I am not sure about free public transport. It is a nice idea but we all know that public transport in our cities is woeful due to lack of investment. If would cost a huge amount of money to upgrade. The Jama Party will have to consider this carefully.

Am I going to run? Actually I am seriously thinking about it.

Comment by Noviota, on 1-Jun-2007 11:31

Will you call yourself the "Pa Jama Party"?

Comment by freitasm, on 1-Jun-2007 12:05

Aye... And sbiddle, I voted for Peter Dunne. Guess who is not getting my vote next time? Yes, Peter Dunne, working WITH Labour gets less votes...

Author's note by Jama, on 1-Jun-2007 12:37

Thanks for the 'Aye'. I am not sure about free public transport. It is a nice idea but we all know that public transport in our cities is woeful due to lack of investment. If would cost a huge amount of money to upgrade. The Jama Party will have to consider this carefully.

Am I going to run? Actually I am seriously thinking about it.

Comment by sbiddle, on 1-Jun-2007 12:41

I've got an idea for you Jama..

How about trying to get a few of these MP's who lie convicted for breaching the Fair Trading Act? How is an MP promising to do something in return for a vote any different to a store who uses bait advertising to entice you to buy a product from them?

Comment by antoniosk, on 1-Jun-2007 19:57

I've noticed Jama is becoming a politician already, repeating himself over and over again....

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