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By Gary R, in , posted: 1-Jun-2007 16:34

The Jama Prty believes that it is silly to have high paid MP's who are not accountable to the voting public. An MP gets a place in parliament either because you and I voted them to be there or because they have a mate who got them on a list. Most of us in the private sector are bound by a thing called a 'performance review' which can occur quarterly or annually. This review determines how well you did your job based on some defined metrics called (for example) Key Performance Indicators. How much of a bonus or a pay rise you get is based on how well you have done with the KPI's. Quite simple really, do well and you will be rewarded, do poorly and you may be disciplined.

The Jama Party has decided that MP's will no longer be paid big salaries in advance of any actual achievement. We will instead stagger an MP's pay like this example:

Total Possible Package as 100%: $140,000.00
Base salary: $42,000.00

30% of the salary is paid as per a normal pay run. The rest of the package is the at risk component, how much of this the MP receives depends on how well they perform. Reviews will be conducted quarterly and the result of each review will determine how much an MP receives in one lump sum at the end of the year. Performance will be rated like this:

Not Met -20%
Met Some 10%
Met All 25%
Exceeded 30%
Awesome 35%

Lets consider an MP who is a bit of an under achiever. I am sure there are few of them:
Q1 - Not Met -20%
Q2 - Met Some 10%
Q3 - Met All 25%
Q4 - Met Some 10%

Adding up the result, this MP has achieved 25% of the targets. Therefore this MP receives 25% of the bonus or $24500 which added to the salary of $42,000 gives a total package of $66,500.

An MP who is an absolute star and is rated as 'awesome' for 4 quarters in a row will receive 140% of their bonus which is $137,200.00 plus the salary of $42,000.00 giving a total package of $179200.00.

Any MP who consistently underachieves will go through the standard employment disciplinary process of verbal and written warnings. If they still do not perform their employment will be terminated and one seat will deducted from the members party. The public will then decide (through an online poll) which party gets to occupy the vacant seat.

The quarterly reviews will be undertaken by a 'jury' selected from the MP's electorate. Where an MP does not have a defined electorate (such as a list MP) the electorate will be defined as the whole of NZ and the jury will be selected nationally. It will be up to the MP to convince the 'jury' that the KPI's have been met. This jury decision will make up 40% of the overall assessment value, a further 30% will come from a peer review conducted by other MP's, the last 30% will be based on actual portfolio performance and will be decided by an independent review panel. The results of all MP quarterly reviews will be published in a public forum so that the public get to see which MP's are achieving and which MP's are under achieving. Therefore we have total public accountability.

Vote 'Yay' or 'Nay'.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Jun-2007 19:31


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