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Clearing Out Some Stock

By Gary R, in , posted: 7-Jun-2007 12:18

As you do in distribution you tend to accumulate a lot of old stock on the shelves which every now and then requires a good purge. Well today is purge day so I am offering fellow GZ'ers (NZ only) first dibs on a whole heap of tech products. Most of the goods are new and unused. The odd product will have been opened. Because we are quiting this stock we will only be offering a 14 day return-to-base warranty. Quantities vary so it is definitely 'first-in first-served'.

Let me know what you are interested in via PM and tell me what you are prepared to pay. Freight is extra but GST is included.

Product Code:        Description:

ANY-BTM100          Anycom Bluetooth Mini Mouse
ANY-CF300            Anycom Bluetooth Compact Flash
ANY-HS890            Anycom Bluetooth Headset
ANY-USB240          Anycom Bluetooth USB Class1
ANY-GS320            Anycom Tri-band GPRS Compact Flash with PC Card adapter
MAR-PTG-CFI         Margi Presenter-to-go Compact Flash Type 1
MAR-PTG-CFII        Margi Presenter-to-go Compact Flash Type 2
MAR-PTG-SDPALM   Margi Presenter-to-go SD for Palm
NAV-GPS1010         Navman Compact Flash GPS Receiver
NAV-GPS3150         Navman GPS Sleeve for iPAQ
NAV-GPS350           Navman GPS Sleeve for PalmIII
NAV-GPS510           Navman GPS Receiver for Palm m500
PCM-EXP-1394        1394 Firewire Cardbus PC Card
PCM-EXP-10           NE2000 compatible 10Mbps Ethernet PC Card
PWR-IPQ-38AA       iPAQ 3800 series car charger
SOC-AC4009-614    Socket Mobile Power Pack
SOC-BL4800-392     Socket Bluetooth SDIO for WinCE
SOC-BL4533-550     Socket Bluetooth USB Class 1
SOC-CS0400-479     Socket Bluetooth Serial
SOC-EA2900-117      Socket Compact Flash Low Power Ethernet adapter
SOC-EA2902-139      Socket Compact Flash Rugged Low Power Ethernet adapter
SOC-EA2912-325      Socket Compact Flash 10/100 Ethernet
SOC-GP0820-521      Socket Bluetooth GPS Receiver
SOC-MO7010-504     Socket 56K Compact Flash Modem
SOC-MO7200-558     Socket SDIO 56K modem
THERA                     Audiovox Thera (CDMA) with collapsable keyboard and stereo head phone
VID-PCTV-Ultimate    VGA in - SVIDEO/RGB/Composite out
VID-USB-VCAP          Composite to USB video capture
VID-USB-TVBOX        USB TV Box (Tuner/Remote)
VID-USB-2000PRO     Video/Tuner to VGA (interlace to Progressive) Converter
yCF10BT                  Compact Flash 10Mbps Ethernet
yCF-MDM-56            Compact Flash 56K Modem

Data Cables USB:
DAT-USB-N105        Samsung N105, N171
DAT-USB-6385        Nokia 6385
DAT-USB-6310        Nokia 6310
DAT-USB-KE414       Kyocera KE414
DAT-USB-T60          Ericsson T60C
DAT-USB-TX21B       Hyundai HGC-610E, TX21b, TX30b
DAT-USB-3245        Kyocera 3245
DAT-USB-2235        Kyocera 2135, 2235, 3035, 6035, 7135

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