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Why put sugar in Peanut Butter?

By Gary R, in , posted: 16-Jun-2007 15:10

I am by nature a savoury boy (or is that unsavoury?) and I like Peanut Butter. My choice has always been Sanitarium because it contains extra salt. Now I find that Sanitarium has added sugar to my favourite toast spread - ewww! ETA has always been second choice because it doesn't have the extra salt zing. It looks like ETA is now my first choice but it just doesn't taste the same.

All those cheapy budget brands also have sugar and why is that? Why add sugar to what is a savoury spread? People generally eat salted, roasted peanuts not sugar coated peanuts. I never liked those honey roasted nuts, too sweet. I actually thought we were supposed to be cutting down on sugar in our diets.

In good old days Peanut Butter was made in NZ, not these days. Sanitarium Peanut Butter is now made in the land of the Gucci knock off.

Hmmm... I might have to start making my own Peanut Butter. Anyone for extra salty and crunchy Jama nut spread?


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Comment by freitasm, on 16-Jun-2007 17:14

And even more strange - I like cream. Creamy pasta, beef strogonoff, etc. Everything should have cream. Full cream I mean.

My wife buys lite cream. "Better for your health". Until reading the labels she found out that full cream is that, just full cream. And lite cream, is skim milk with preservatives, gum, flavour enhancers and other stuff.

Guess what she's buying now?


Comment by James VanAlstine, on 16-Jun-2007 18:37

Since we're on the subject of peanut butter, have you noticed that the Sanitarium peanut butter is now made in China? The budget brands are as well.

I never buy peanut butter with sugar either.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 16-Jun-2007 23:15

IF you are lucky, You might be able to find the Australian made ETA "salt (and sugar) free" product around, it's also 95% Peanuts. It is (was) by far the best product, I just added the salt/stockmix to the top or just had it with vegemite YUM!!

The latest batch is now made in china, ending an era.

The Kraft stuff which is still made in Australia contains far too much added oil and seems to taste horrible.

The new China-made Sanitarium product is just awful....

I'm looking at getting a grinder myself, There is this disused machine in a new world down country I might just be able to poach from the days of the "no added oil" fad...;-D

Comment by Bryan Gault, on 20-Jul-2007 19:59

Always been a bit of a peanut butter nut. Not any more. Sanitarium, made in China, no offence to the Chineese but I don't buy what was a favourite NZ special spread (for me)that now comes from China. I wonder where the peanuts are sourced. Perhaps another unwelcome surprise.

Comment by Scott Whittaker, on 5-Jul-2008 11:27

OK I realise this thread is a year old, but I just had to add to this now that I am completely unable to find sugar free peanut butter anywhere at al these days. I used to be able to get the Chinese made Sanatarium sugar free here from Woolworths (but not in Foodtown or Pack-n-Save) and now it seems to be gone from there too. I guess someone just doesn't want me to eat peanut butter any more.

What the heck is the point of adding sugar anyway? I can understand making it available as a niche product for the freaks that like honey roasted peanuts but surely they're a minority?

I love vegemite too, but can't stand Marmite because of the added sweetness. Went to the UK a few years ago and the Marmite there is a totally different beast - no added sweetner and it's blacker and stronger than Vegemite. Hardcore!

Author's note by Jama, on 7-Jul-2008 08:54

There is no sugar in the new Sanitarium Original Peanut Butter which is made in Australia - yum!

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