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Free Power from Perpetual Motion

By Gary R, in , posted: 5-Jul-2007 13:30

What the? I know it sounds impossible and like something from Science Fiction which could never, ever be a scientific fact. The very notion of 'free energy' goes against the known laws of Physics in particular the law of the 'conservation of energy' or the 'first law of thermodynamics' which broadly state that 'energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form of energy to another'. An example of this law is the conversion of electrical energy to heat energy.

Well, a company in Ireland called Steorn claims to have created a total 'free energy' device using magnets. Of course someone had to make the magnets which consumed energy in the first place but the company claims that their invention called Orbo produces a constant, free supply of energy. Now, the claims by Steorn of free, perpetual energy totally violate the law of the 'conservation of energy'. If we lived in the 16th century the whole lot of the Steorn crowd would probably be arrested for heresy and burned at the stake. Luckily this is not the 16th century. I can see though that Steorn will have a hard time convincing the scientific community that their claims are indeed valid.

Sometime today Steorn plan to give a public demonstration of the Orbo which will be streamed live over the internet.

What is also fascinating is that Steorn will be licensing their technology via a modified version of the GPL. Their intention is to accelerate development by involving anyone who is interested.

Seriously, forget iPhone this is real news. If it is real then not only do Steorn rewrite some of the laws of Physics but this will also rate as the biggest invention of all time. With free energy I wouldn't have to turn off my Hot Tub in winter ever again. Good luck to them and I hope it really works.

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Comment by psycik, on 5-Jul-2007 14:38

Looks like it will be tomorrow (5 july their time)....interesting to watch

Comment by stevonz, on 5-Jul-2007 15:12

Hmmm very interesting. Keep us posted!

Comment by Joe, on 5-Jul-2007 15:42

Stay tuned, tomorrow should be even more interesting.

Nice writeup Gary.

Comment by robscovell, on 5-Jul-2007 22:52

Hmmm ... I have to admit to being rather sceptical about this. They might have discovered something weird and new, but I think it is very unlikely that they have managed to get around the law of conservation of energy.

Comment by WISDO, on 5-Jul-2007 23:35

I bet Ten quid its a viral marketing hoax.

Comment by Brian, on 6-Jul-2007 02:14

So why not submit it to peer-reviewed journals, rather than engage in some big PR campaign?

Comment by Andy Sims, on 6-Jul-2007 02:43

It is 1000's of times more likley (IMHO) that this is a crappy (Or in fact perfectly good) publicity stunt, than an event that requires the re-writing of the theorys in physics that have been in place for many years.

The 'live' web demo only goes to prove this - in what way will it prove anything? I can set up a webcam on a spinning device and claim its perpetual motion, with a ruddy big battery stuck in it!

Comment by Matthew Miller, on 6-Jul-2007 05:43

You can tell it's not true because of the theatrics.

If they really did have a such a device, all they would need to do is start quietly making them, sell the power output, use the proceeds to make bigger devices, and then repeat. Who cares if no one believes once you're providing all the electricity for the western hemisphere?

Comment by Aaron Sundman, on 6-Jul-2007 06:45

Very skeptical yes... even so, it is exciting. All the up and coming technologies to make the sci-fi stories come true have to get powered somehow...

Comment by everything's possible, on 6-Jul-2007 15:59

Isaac newton's law says that time and space are absolute things but Albert Einstein proved Newton law is wrong, and no one believed Einstein until his theory was proven by scientific community. Now its time for steorn to prove that centuries-old law of conservation of energy is wrong and let the scientific community judge its authenticity.

Comment by The Eskimo Quinn, on 19-Dec-2007 01:10

Good news and bad news, good news if you are an optimist bad news if you have been a naysayer to breaching the laws of thermodynamics.

Beaten busted built and tested and a copy of the patent can be downloaded.

The second device being released next year will be free of patent.

But for the time being it has been done confirmed and has been uncontested (well its a bit hard when there are working models and the patent owning company is globally one of the leaders in the field)

Very basic and simple flogging which has really embarrassed the best of the best. download and enjoy, it's a whole new world out there.

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