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Steorn Free Energy Demonstration a No Go

By Gary R, in , posted: 5-Jul-2007 22:20

When I blogged about free energy from perpetual motion today I got really excited at the thought of the live demonstration that was happening tonight. Now according to PESN the demo is a no go because of apparent problems with bearings and possible temperature issues caused by lighting.

PESN even go as far as to say that the Steorn demo site may be blocked due to extreme traffic becuase it was reported on sites such as Geekzone. Cool.

I still hope we get to see the Orbo in action.


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Comment by DJ, on 6-Jul-2007 09:16

I really would have like to see this demo

as well. Been waiting for quite a while. What

was the outcome of the independant science

reviews on this?

Author's note by Jama, on 6-Jul-2007 09:50

apparently the results of the independent science reviews will not be known until the end of the year.

Comment by Jim Cheetham, on 6-Jul-2007 09:54

Please, relax a little :-) Remember the maxim for these situations - "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".

Complaints about the conditions being "unsuitable" from Steorn are exactly the same as those heard when anyone attempts to scientifically test "psychic" power, which is why no-one has ever won James Randi's One Million Dollar challenge to demonstrate their abilities (http://randi.org).

I suggest you get a little skepticality in your life, and read http://www.randi.org/jr/2006-08/082506yet.html

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