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Steorn Orbo Web Cams are live

By Gary R, in , posted: 6-Jul-2007 17:05

Finally, the cameras are up and for the first time we can see the device. It is not moving yet. What Steorn have displayed is a small perspex wheel on a covered perspex plinth which is totally transparent. There is no apparent control box, wires or battery. No word when they will 'turn it on' but the fact that the web cams are up is a good sign. Very, very cool. The words around the plinth are 'nothing is impossible' and if Orbo is for real that could be a massive understatement.

Here is a link to Camera 1



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Comment by freitasm, on 6-Jul-2007 18:21

Link to the cameras?


Comment by Stephen, on 6-Jul-2007 21:13

wow you guys are behind! It's broken, see steorn's web page. Seemingly (if you believe it) the incredible heat from the lights has broken it. They were supposed to have it up now (Friday Morning) fixed, but no show.

Still nice to see some macs together.

Comment by Filterer, on 6-Jul-2007 22:02

Ahh come on, you still think its going to happen

Comment by Robert O'Callahan, on 6-Jul-2007 22:18

I'm afraid to say that these guys are loons and/or fraudsters. Just the latest and best-funded in a long line of cranks who think they can beat the laws of physics...

Comment by Oszkar, on 7-Jul-2007 02:18

They don't need to beat the laws of physics.

They can produce energy (actually convert it) from a yet undiscovered source.

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