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Good on ya Sanitarium

By Gary R, in , posted: 10-Aug-2007 08:46

It seems that Sanitarium have bowed to public pressure and will be producing another line of Peanut Butter in Australia. This comes on the back of consumer complaints about our favorite breakfast spread being made in China.

This is good news but I still have to wonder why they feel the need to add sugar to Peanut Butter? As one of the consumers who complained to Sanitarium I hope that they have listened and also produce a sugar free variety.

I had already switched to Kraft so while it is good that Sanitarium have listened to consumers I will stick with Kraft because it is still and has always been made in Australia from Australian peanuts. It does contain 8% sugar but the fact that Kraft didn't move production to China will keep me buying their product.

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Comment by drift, on 10-Aug-2007 11:45

I switched to Ceres Organics a while back. It's a lot more expensive but no sugar.
They do get the raw peanuts from China but from organically approved(Ecocert and B.C.S. Oko-Garantie) suppliers. The peanut butter is then made in NZ.


Comment by james, on 10-Aug-2007 12:27

Very interesting.

Seems odd that they would decide to move production to China, given that they like to promote themselves as being a tradition of both Australia and New Zealand.

Also they're technically a non-profit organization, and moving production to China is an intrinsically profit-driven decision.

Extremely poor form indeed.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 10-Aug-2007 12:31

Saw this on the news just before. GREAT news!

Peanuts grown in China in all that pollution and dodgy fertilisers... No thanks :-(

It's a shame that the Kraft peanut butter has more oil content that most. (I use a lot of peanut butter for cooking)

Comment by buzzsaw, on 11-Aug-2007 07:46

I hate the sugar that's in the Kraft stuff. Give me Super Crunchy, no-sugar any-day. I don't mind paying the extra for it. There's some nasty stuff out there.

Comment by VanAlstine, on 11-Aug-2007 10:36

This is excellent news! I too have switched to Kraft. The Ceres stuff is good but too expensive. Aussie Sanitarium peanut butter will give us a third option....

Comment by Wendy Riddel, on 11-Aug-2007 15:25

I have tended to buy ETA salt free peanut butter.

But when I found out the china connection I moved to going to my local organic store and getting the peanut butter they make in front of you. The peanuts they use are organic and are product of Australia. Simple No Salt No Sugar Just minced/ ground peanuts and my local community benifits from shopping locally. The two products to watch are Garlic and Ginger very little NZ garlic is available any more, and Ginger grown in some overseas countries can be contaminated with pesticides. I try to stick to Aussie Ginger.

Comment by Neil Pownall, on 24-Sep-2008 10:15

I switched to Kraft from ETA when they moved production to China. Good to hear that Kraft use Australian peanuts too. I have phoned ETA (Heinz Wattie) their feedback line (0800 653 050) to tell them why I no longer buy their product.

I will likely never know if they move production back to NZ since I steer well clear of the ETA jars now

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