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When you blow your broadband cap

By Gary R, in , posted: 15-Aug-2007 09:39

We are only a small company of 7 people and normally we get by on 10GB per month for email and internet. This month we nailed our data cap 3 days ago and we have been throttled to 64kbps. Hard to run a business at dial-up speed so with a couple of days still to go we decided to innovate.

All our email traffic is still on the DSL link but now all our internet traffic is running over EVDO using a Gtran card plugged into the server USB port. It works a treat:



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Comment by sbiddle, on 15-Aug-2007 10:32

Most companies these days are introducing filtering for pr0n and also blocking staff from blogging and watching youtube. Maybe you need to investigate some of these measures! :-)

I suspect OSH would also have issues with RFI emissions from said device.

Comment by Noviota, on 15-Aug-2007 11:00

I'm rather interested in the cable you've used... Any info?

Comment by freitasm, on 15-Aug-2007 11:29

Jama, I am pretty sure you would not use your data cap if you just resized the pictures before uploading them... Seriously, a 64 KB picture to show the datacard? I resized it to about 28 KB by just opening and saving it on Paint...

Comment by mclayma, on 15-Aug-2007 14:36

Nice wiring on that one Gary. Great advert by the way for the uses for EVDO... I can see the ad now.

Author's note by Jama, on 15-Aug-2007 15:06

Very special cable. The Gtran card has a capacitor that takes a few seconds to charge when plugged into a single USB port. The cable is modified to take power only from a second USB port so that the radio is up and available straight away.

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