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The Hypocrisy knows no Bounds

By Gary R, in , posted: 16-Aug-2007 14:14

I had to laugh at the current protestations from our Prime Minister and her cronies over AirNZ transporting Aussie troops to Iraq. Yes, a big chunk of AirNZ is owned by the government but it is still a public company with other share holders who should be able to expect a return on their investment. I believe AirNZ made the right commercial decision regardless of the stance of our government over the war in Iraq. We may not be a part of the 'coalition of the willing' but lets at least be a part of the coalition of the commercially sensible. A charter flight is exactly that, a charter flight. Flying Aussie troops to Kuwait does not imply that AirNZ or its government shareholder support the war. What it does show is that AirNZ knows how to earn a dollar which is exactly what you want from the management of a public company.

The government is saying that it should have been notified by AirNZ of the charter deal. This is the same government that has previously publicly stated that it may be a share holder in AirNZ but that it does not interfere with the day-to-day commercial management of the company. Ironically this was said at the time when AirNZ wanted to lay off 1400 engineering staff.

This is the same government that does not want to help the US in its global campaign for democracy but we will have a free trade deal thanks. The same government that decries human rights abuses but is happy to sign a free trade deal with the Chinese.

Let us also not forget Fiji which is currently in the grip of a military dictatorship. Our government tells tourists not to go there but it will happily fly you there for a holiday on the national airline!

And the classic example of todays hypocrisy:

The government 'Cullen Fund' (NZ Super Fund) has cosied up to Infratil to buy 6.2% of Auckland International Airport which effectively shafts Dubai Aerospace. This is the same Infratil that owns the other monopoly airport in Wellington. Of course the government does not get involved in or direct where the 'Cullen Fund' invests money. Yeah right!

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Comment by Bung, on 16-Aug-2007 14:34

I'd guess that World Airlines does most of the US troop movements because other civilian airlines have decided that it's commercially sensible to avoid being on anyone's sh*t list.

Comment by sbiddle, on 16-Aug-2007 15:26

Can somebody actually point out to me what exactly Air NZ have done wrong?

Comment by lugh, on 16-Aug-2007 17:27

help the US in its global campaign for democracy

While we're on the theme of hypocritical governments...

Iran 1953: With UK, US overthrow democratically-elected government and support the Shah, who becomes one of the era's most brutal dictators. (Oil)

Guatemala 1954: US overthrow democratically-elected government to prevent land reforms threatening a US corporation. (United Fruit Company)

Iraq 1963: US overthrow government and install Ba'ath Party. (Oil)

Iraq 1968: US reinstall Ba'ath Party. (Oil)

Iran 1980: US support Saddam in war against Iran (including sale of biological and chemical weapons). (Oil)

Nicaragua 1980's: US direct Contra war against democratically-elected government.

Venezuela 2002: US support attempted coup against democratically-elected government (Oil)

Plus Iran-Contra Scandal, Noriega, etc.

I'm not a leftie but they're not the paragons of democracy that they'd have everyone believe.

Comment by nzbnw, on 17-Aug-2007 10:38

Helen Clark has really lost it with this issiue, and I beleive it shows just how out of touch she is with the New Zealand public!

How I would like to see a new political poll after this week...


Comment by nzbnw, on 17-Aug-2007 16:17

Well, I think this just shows how out of touch Helen Clark and Labour are with greater New Zealand.

The Australians now say they will no longer use Air New Zealand for troop transports, which is a shame, and a loss to Air New Zealand.

I would really like to see a new political poll come out to see the impact of this!


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