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The Bubble Deflated

By Gary R, in , posted: 23-Aug-2007 11:01

All I want is my email. I don't want a news page, personal assistant, a calender or any thing else in the new X meets Y 'Bubble'. After enduring a registration process for an existing account I have had for over 10 years I am sent an 'email' to my work address to confirm that the account is in fact mine.

It should be simple:

Important! Please click here to verify this email address for your account.

Nothing happens. So now for 'Plan B':

If you can't click on the sentence labeled "Important!" above, you can also verify your email address by cutting and pasting (or typing) the following address into your browser:

For your records, your verification code is:

There is no link to copy and paste and no verification code in the email. Looking at the source there is no web address in the sentence labeled 'important', it just has '<a href=""'

I have nothing against progress and improvement but I should be able to opt out of the Xtra crap. All I want is a simple webmail email interface like I used to have. I can't be bothered with having to customise my experience or the additional Xtra baggage added to my bubble.

Luckily I have a gmail account which is already simple, uncluttered, easy to use and I can get my gmail from anywhere I want on any device over any network. Looks like it is time to pop the bubble for good and migrate totally to gmail.



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Comment by chiefie, on 23-Aug-2007 12:19

Hmmm another nail to its own coffin for Telecom NZ?!

Perhaps Yahoo!Xtra bubble is what Telecom NZ wanted, to chase away Kiwi customers and moving over to Australia for full AAPT and Powertel businesses?

Is it time to stay "Stage Right, Exit, Telecom NZ"?!

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