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I admit it I have been to a strip club

By Gary R, in , posted: 23-Aug-2007 16:58

Well actually a few strip clubs over the years. Lets see Christchurch, Wellington, Sydney, Las Vegas and Thailand. The last time was my stag party - what a fun night.

Good to see John Key is honest about the 'couple' of times he has visited a club. On the other hand we have Helen Clark who is reported on Stuff as saying this:

"I won't comment except to say that I don't find it appropriate 'entertainment'."

Well Helen it really does go to show how out of touch you are with the rest of your constituents. The poll yesterday on Stuff asked if 'Have you ever been to a strip club?' out of the 10,417 people who responded 72.4% answered 'yes'. That would be a clear majority that puts Helen's opinion clearly in the minority.

What I find interesting is that it was Labour who supported such controversial bills like legalising prostitution and civil unions. I am not a bigot and have no problem with either of these bills but essentially Helen is saying that it is OK to pay for sex and for gay couples to 'wed' but in her opinion strip clubs are 'inappropriate entertainment'.

I think Ms Clark needs to find new Spin Doctors.


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Comment by freitasm, on 23-Aug-2007 17:39

I've been - but doesn't matter because I don't vote Labour, so obviously she doesn't represent my thinking...

Comment by sbiddle, on 23-Aug-2007 17:58

Does watching the Boobs on Bikes count as visiting a strip club? That Stuff poll result should be a lot higher if you only counted Aucklanders!

Comment by barf, on 23-Aug-2007 18:02

OMG Helen Clark has an opinion! How dare she not like strip clubs?!?!!

Don't think she's that out of touch buddy, if you're fine with your daughter giving a politician a lap dance, good for you. I've flatted with strippers and they're not the cleanest folk.

Who protested against the Vietnam war?
Who actually had an interest in politics since youth?
Who studied politics at university?

We need Key's experience in capitalism but comparing his political experience to Clark's, Key doesn't score, IMHO of course.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 23-Aug-2007 18:07

I have been to a strip club, once with mates a few years back (8 yrs) and was extremely bored with it. It was somehwere near cuba street WLG from memory.

The only thing that was blatantly obvious is that the boss just wanted to push as much margin through the bar and spend as little on the upkeep as possible.

The pole-dancing AIBO video on youtube was more fascinating and less robotic.

Author's note by Jama, on 23-Aug-2007 18:36

Nothing wrong with an opinion but a good Spin Doctor would have advised Helen to probably say something like this:

'Strip Club? Not my thing personally' and left it at that.

Comment by Tim, on 23-Aug-2007 21:21

What have gay couples getting married got to do with this? Cos two ppl showing their love is exactly the same as paying for sex/nudity?

Comment by johnr, on 24-Aug-2007 08:47

I have been to a few YAY for Show girls and the white house :o)

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