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We Blew our cap again

By Gary R, in , posted: 31-Aug-2007 10:36

One week into having broadband again in the office we blew 10GB and Telecom crippled us back to dial-up speeds yet again. Facing another 3 weeks of unusable comms I got my resident geeks to look at where all our data had gone. We don't use P2P or any other data hogging applications. Our needs are simple - email and internet.

We host and manage our own email after moving off Xtra managed email a few months ago. The geeks found that our mail server was trying to send 5 emails to Xtra!Yahoo addresses. The Xtra!Yahoo server would accept the mail but then acknowledge with an IO error. Our mail server diligently kept retrying to send these emails continuously for a week. The outbound logs show a continual 120kbps upload stream. We removed the emails and the chatter stopped. The geeks have now reconfigured the mail server so that once we have passed email off to Xtra that is it we don't retry.

Armed with this information I called Telecom starting with 126 who told me to call an 0800 number. This 0800 number was for the top managed customers (not us) so I was told to call another 0800 number. The person who finally answered this call told me to contact Xtra (my broadband provider). I called Xtra and explained the situation. Xtra kindly reset our cap and within 24 hours we were back to broadband speeds. All up it took about 1 hour on the phone but once I found the right person it all happened quite quickly.

Sharing 64kbps amongst seven people and a mail server is very, very painful.


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Comment by stevonz, on 31-Aug-2007 10:55

Great result.... but don't you hate CSR palm-off's!

Comment by Mark Wilcox, on 31-Aug-2007 16:11

You mean

Sharing 64kbps amongst seven people and a mail server which is constantly uploading is very, very painful.

Great to see you found the problem. 64kbps sucks.

Comment by MG, on 31-Aug-2007 17:49

time to call CityLink?

Comment by barf, on 31-Aug-2007 17:53

you're not the only one with SMTP queues to Xtra either. check NZNOG the past two weeks.

for lack of a better word the new Xtra!Yahoo=f@%ked

Comment by russjones, on 2-Sep-2007 11:04

Sharing between 7 people and not at least monitoring the link with MRTG or something similar would be, in my opinion, very, very stupid.

Comment by exportgoldman, on 2-Sep-2007 13:17

Why not switch to xnet, pay $50 for the FS/FS plan, and then $1/GB

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