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Maori Programming on Primetime

By Gary R, in , posted: 31-Aug-2007 13:13

TVNZ has announced that it is lifting its Maori based programming by up to three times current levels and that programs will be placed in primetime slots. A few years ago the tax payer (that is you and I) coughed up $38M for a Maori specific channel called MaoriTV. This was a great idea because if you didn't want to watch it (which I don't) simply don't select the channel. On the other hand we will now have race based television seeping into our collective mainstream on TVNZ free-to-air. TVNZ are also spending a whopping $11M on creating Maori programs. Luckily for us there is an alternative that is called TV3 which does not have to abide by wishy washy Treaty guidelines as part of some misguided charter.

I am all for home grown television so why not create programs that truly reflect NZ as it is today which is a multi cultural society of many races. Ravesh my man from the corner dairy has as much right to experience NZ made TV that reflects his South Indian origins as I do being a whitey.

Seriously, the government would be better off keeping TVNZ for all NZ'ers to enjoy (not just a fringe) while using the 'made for Maori' channel as a conduit for keeping Te Reo and Maori culture alive. Additionally you and I are actually also going to be forking out for a new Maori FreeView channel which will be Te Reo only.

All in all Maori programming will represent quite a chunk of collective airing:
TVNZ one and two - 300 hours per year
TVNZ six and seven - 190 hours per year (new FreeView channels)
Maori TV - majority
As yet unnamed  Te Reo only channel - 100%

This is a further 300 hours worth of reasons why my remote control will no longer go near TVNZ. Lets face it, commercial television is just that 'commercial' without the viewers you don't get the advertisers.

My man Ravesh never even gets to see a Bollywood movie on TVNZ. If he lived in Australia he could watch SBS (the Special Broadcasting Service) which is a truly multilingual and multicultural broadcaster where over half the programs are not in English. SBS is watched by 7 million Australians and even shows a Bollywood movie now and then.

SBS has a charter to be proud of:

"provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society".

Compare this to the TVNZ charter


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Comment by stevonz, on 31-Aug-2007 14:35

Mate, another well rounded and to the point comment! Keep saying it... you'll get my vote

Comment by Steve, on 31-Aug-2007 15:34

Burn the damn treaty and let eveyone become equal under the law! I'm still waiting for the "White" TV station and the Chinese and Indian and etc...

I'd even watch the Maori TV station to see the treaty get burned!

Comment by Eric, on 31-Aug-2007 17:50

What is it with this government that it feels it needs to keep acting in such a divisive way? As a previous contributor commented, we're a mixed society with people from a very broad ethnic background, stop trying to push one specific groups needs (?) before all others. Let's have programs that reflect all New Zealanders as oposed to someone's interpretation of a very specific, and let's face it, minority, groups needs.
That treaty really does need to be torn up and buried - for good!

Comment by cokemaster, on 2-Sep-2007 09:02

Good post.

Speaking about the recent stupid things to do/say - my favorite quotes that I've heard recently from http://www.tv3.co.nz/News/Politics/ProtestsoversealingtheroadtoCapeReinga/tabid/419/articleID/33737/Default.aspx?ArticleID=33737 : 'One of the Maori protesters yelled: "God gave it to us Maori! He didn't give it to an Asian or an Indian!"'

I hope that this only represents an extremist fashion and not reflective of the group - but to say things nevertheless raises questions about certain peoples intentions of not co-existing but opting for apartheid.

Comment by sohbet, on 4-Sep-2007 21:57

thank you

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