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Barn Finds

By Gary R, in , posted: 3-Sep-2007 09:30

I don't know if this is true or not but it is certainly possible. If it is for real what a fantastic find. The story goes like this:

A man from New York retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15years.; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs.

The house was sold to pay taxes. There had been several lookers, but the large barn had steel doors, and they had been welded shut.

Nobody wanted to go to the extra expense to see what was in the barn, and it wasn't complimentary to the property anyway......so, nobody made an offer on the place.

The guy bought it at just over half of the property's worth, moved in,and set about to tear in to the barn.......curiosity was killing him.

So, he and his wife bought a generator, and a couple of grinders.......and cut thru the welds.

What was in the barn...............?
Barn Finds


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Comment by tstone, on 3-Sep-2007 13:26

Hi, I got excited by this story a few months back but if you look at urban legends (or snope) you will find that this is not a 'find' as you described. Whilst it was a wonderful collection of cars they had not actually sat there unknown about for such a long time. It was a story made up by a classic car auction house to help sell their catalogue.

Author's note by Jama, on 3-Sep-2007 13:35

Thanks tstone - well I feel sucked in, oh well it is still definitely worth a look, there are some real classics there.

Comment by BlueToothKiwi, on 3-Sep-2007 14:07

Sometimes it is better not to know the 'real story' - I prefer the made up version.

OMG - just imagine buying a barn like that without checking the contents - and ending up with a treasure like that - I would stop working and spend the rest of my life renovating them starting with the MG.


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