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Sticking with Sky - thanks

By Gary R, in , posted: 3-Sep-2007 10:35

It had to happen. TVNZ has announced that the new TV6 and TV7 channels will not be broadcast to Sky decoders and that the agreement with Sky for TV1 and TV2 will expire in 2011. Sky have hit back with an indication that Prime will not be available on FreeView.

What a mess but this is what we have come to expect from any initiative that our government is involved in. I really can not be bothered with having a Sky decoder and a FreeView decoder. I already pay for Sky so I may as well stay where I am. Thinking about it, I mainly watch TV3 and Prime out of the 'free' channels, in my view the state broadcaster has some serious quality issues with the current program line up.

As long as TV3 continue their agreement with Sky I see no reason to add more hardware to my home entertainment system.

I would have thought that the FreeView consortium and TVNZ might have been slightly more appreciative towards Sky. After all the only reason the FreeView has gained so many viewers in such a sort amount of time is due to the 'free' sat dish that already adorns so many NZ homes.

I actually think it would be a good time for TV3 to consider adding another channel. TVNZ are slowly backing themselves in a corner with charter quotas and falling advertising revenue. TV3 is available on 'free-to-air', FreeView and Sky and is not burdened with the shackles of government mandated quotas and charters. It sounds like a good time to be taking on the state broadcaster.


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Comment by Rachel Cunliffe, on 4-Sep-2007 16:16

Hi Gary,

I emailed TVNZ in response to blog posts like yours to find out why they're not allowing it on Sky in the short term and here's their response in case you're interested:




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