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Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

By Gary R, in , posted: 4-Sep-2007 17:40

Over the last few days my business has been inundated with opt in/opt out emails. The problem is that some emails say that if you do not contact us we will keep emailing you and some say if you want to continue to receive emails you need to hit this link.

This means I have to actually read this crap and think about what to do and what not to do. It is all very well bringing in this bit of legislation but the real dicks who tout penis enlargement and cheap meds will keep on going unabated slamming my mail server up to 10,000 times per day.

Personally I think that any company using the opt in/opt out methods should simply say that if we do not hear from you we will remove you from our list. Now wouldn't that be much simpler? I could then simply ignore (or not) without having to read and think about this crap.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Sep-2007 17:57

It's interesting to note that Vodafone hasn't sent everybody a TXT advising on the new law. Their spamming of customers would fall foul of this law.

Comment by PaulBrislen, on 4-Sep-2007 19:29

We won't be spamming everyone to tell them we need their permission to spam them... Oh the irony of a law intending to reduce email actually generating a whole lot more!

Instead, we'll put something up on the website tomorrow. If you don't want messages from Vodafone and you already have an existing business relationship with us, just tell us and we'll stop. It'll all be in the terms and conditions.

Simple really.

Comment by MissD, on 4-Sep-2007 19:30

I had one that didn't really know WHAT they wanted me to to "to unsubscribe please click here. why subscribe? here's why." so what do you want me to do? i just deleted it. too much effort.

Comment by freitasm, on 4-Sep-2007 21:12

This is ridiculous... The law says that if you have an ongoing business relationship it's not spam. So Vodafone would be ok. But others not.

Take Geekzone for example. Every time someone posts in our forums there's an option to be notified of replies. This is not spam - and yet I've seem one person complaining a couple of years ago. Oh, stupidity...

Comment by zanis1, on 5-Sep-2007 07:50

I think sending a reconfirmation email and asking the person to reply to unsubscribe is illegal.

Comment by zanis1, on 6-Sep-2007 09:25

Sorry its not illegal but at the end you have not proven consent. See link below for an example.


Comment by Ian Stepehsnon, on 14-Sep-2007 07:40

My experience of spam is that if a NZ company emails us with their products and services we really do consider the content. It is part of the very important right of Freedom of Speech and provides a networking opportunity for many start-up businesses. However we all agree that it is a nuisance and perhaps the Internet needs to have a new filtering protocol simply requiring the user to identify the nature of the email and for that nature to be tested and graded by the recipient. Just a thought but since the introduction of the act, our email box is still full of overseas spam. However it is early days and the government will soon be monitoring our emails to make sure we are not spamming. It is not what is blocked that is in question for me, it is the implication that from now on we will be watched, openly, and everything we say considered. Have we just given away our privacy or did we not have any to begin with?

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