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Seriously Bad Policy from BP

By Gary R, in , posted: 25-Sep-2007 09:35

It goes like this:

Dear Valued Customer

Safety concerns and the increased incidence of petrol theft has led us to review our policy on the delivery and payment for fuel at this site.

Pump lanes that are not visible to the cashier may operate on a pre-pay basis. However, in an effort to reduce the inconvenience of pre-pay to all, the remaining pumps will operate on an authorise basis. For you this means:
1. Lift the pump nozzle (as normal), the cashier is alerted to this by an audible beep
2. Cashier will do a quick check for a visible registration plate, cell phones are not in use and that any containers being filled are safe and approved for use with fuel.
3. Cashier will authorise pump for you to use as you normally would.
4. On some occasions the cashier may ask you to visit front counter first [sic]. Your co-operation in this instance is appreciated.

Etc, etc.

This is bad on so many levels. For a start BP are not treating the customer as 'valued'. They are using a guise of caring about safety to check you out. Anyone who has ever watched Mythbusters will know that cell phones do not cause fires in petrol stations. The responsibility of approving you to be trustworthy enough to put petrol in your car lies with an underpaid cashier who will make a decision based on what? What you drive? What you wear? Imagine the inconvenience of a busy BP where you pull up to buy gas and you have to wait until the cashier can 'authorise' you as being worthy. A cashier is there do exactly that - take cash, give change. What happens when a cashier does not 'authorise' the pump? I can see that some of the 'valued customers' might get slightly upset.

This is another reason why I will not buy petrol from BP. I always use the Caltex station on the Hutt Road which is entirely pre-pay and there are no cashiers.


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Comment by sbiddle, on 25-Sep-2007 09:50

I had similair dramas at Caltex in Adelaide Rd on the weekend where some of their pumps are now on prepay. There was only 1 pump free so I drove up to it, hopped out and then saw the sign that it was on prepay. I then had to walk inside, join the queue of 6 people which was held up by the woman at the front trying to buy instant kiwi tickets and it took around 2 1/2 minutes to be get to the front. I then had to go outside, fill my car up and again queue inside to pay for it. All up it took me close to 10 minutes to do something that should have taken 5.

I won't be going back.

Comment by barf, on 25-Sep-2007 10:25

are you only just getting prepay up there? for nearly a year now most, if not all of the shell stations in Christchurch operate prepay after midnight and some operate prepay 24x7.. sure is a PITA but I can understand the position these companies are in, it is not BP who loses from petrol drive-offs it is the franchise owner who has to pay BP/whoever to re-fill his tanks. so don't curse BP it's the manager of the place who foots the bill from crime like this. and until next year BP have the advantage of the best fuel (98-RON), i've heard (as in; only rumor) shell are introducing a higher RON to compete with 98 that will be anti-knocked with benzene, 91-RON will be retired/replaced - here's me hoping at least.

Comment by Mattnzl, on 25-Sep-2007 10:47

I now use Mobil stations, as they often have eftpos-at-pump option where you can just swipe your card, enter PIN and fill up. No queues, no morons, no temptation to buy junk food. Super quick & convienient!

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Sep-2007 11:07

If the problem with people stealing gas is so huge as to inconvenience everyone with this stupid policy, why not have EFTPOS at the pump? Most of the times I see the card reader there with a note saying "Sorry this is out of service".

When I moved to NZ in 1997 it used to work. But then they decided to go back in time instead of evolving...

Comment by sbiddle, on 25-Sep-2007 11:54

There was a very good reason why EFTPOS at pump disappeared - stores were suffering downturns in retail turnover because people weren't going in to pay for goods and being tempted by 2 chocolate bars for $2. Shop sales are now were the big $$ is made.

Comment by wmoore, on 27-Sep-2007 01:11

Pop into local Mobil once, filled up car went in and there was 6 staff members behind the counter. One was making coffee, one was doing food
and the other petrol and the rest were doing nothing.

Comment by Melissa Davies, on 26-Nov-2008 11:11

Has anyone had an issue with being asked to leave their eftpos card at the counter while they go and fill up their car? Id be interested in talking with you.

Melissa Davies, tv3. mdavies@tv3.co.nz

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