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Spiderman 3 is a seriously bad movie

By Gary R, in , posted: 1-Oct-2007 11:41

I don't get to go to the movies much these days so I am relegated to waiting 6 months for the DVD release. On Saturday night my wife and I dusted off the Plasma and the home theater for what we thought would be an enjoyable 3rd installment of the Spidey franchise.

Well, we were thoroughly disappointed and it was barely worth the time and the $4. The first two movies were fantastic with brilliant special effects and convincing villains. The third movie, at over 2 hours long, had a stuttering plot line and long insufferable, yawn inducing boredom from angst ridden speeches. At one stage Spidey alter-ego Peter Parker is reduced to watching a CNN broadcast which summarises the last hour of the movie and sets up the final battle. There is something seriously wrong with a script if it requires a CNN recap.

The setup for the villains was absolutely laughable. Sandman is created when an escaped crim happens to conveniently fall into a science experiment and Venom is created out of alien goo from a crashed meteor which happens along at the same time as Peter Parker is conveniently riding past on his scooter. You almost forget about the goo as it slinks around Peter's apartment doing nothing for a lot of the movie. Talk about a villain identity crisis. One villain goes from bad to good, a crim turns into a villain but then comes good and a guy with no villain pretensions gets the villain treatment from the alien goo.

I recommend that if you want to watch it fast forward it to the action sequences which alone will shave at least 1.5 hours off the movie. It is hard to believe that Spidey 3 cost $250M to make!

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Comment by macuser, on 1-Oct-2007 11:49

Lol, don't hate on it...Best Movie EVAR! (ok its really lame) Its completely different from the first two...Half of it is of him dancing...What has that got to do with Spiderman..

Comment by sti, on 1-Oct-2007 12:09

I actually paid $15 to see this movie. Thought it was a more of a comedy than a action film...

Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Oct-2007 12:26

And the other half is Spiderman cry... Seriously what 'superhero' crys?

They completely ruined Spiderman for me.

Comment by freitasm, on 1-Oct-2007 12:33

Jason Bourne!!!

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 1-Oct-2007 14:10

SM-3 is more comical for me, but I was happy that they were going with the story and I think thats the main reason the film was appreciated. We always say good-better-best, but its somehow changed with this 3 series :D, lol

Comment by lugh, on 1-Oct-2007 18:57

Haven't they threatened us with SM4? Surely that's against the Geneva Convention.

Comment by Aloha, on 1-Oct-2007 19:40


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