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My first online music purchase

By Gary R, in , posted: 4-Oct-2007 14:24

That's right I have finally (for the first time) purchased some music online rather than buying a CD. It wasn't from iTunes or Digirama, instead I transacted directly with the band. In case you haven't heard, Radiohead has a new album coming out on October 10th called in rainbows. Radiohead are not my favourite band but I do have a couple of their CD's. What I do like and admire is their approach to business.

Radiohead asked me what I thought was a fair price to pay for their latest artistic effort. I thought about it for a while and decided this:

- Payment is in £'s
- There are 10 tracks on the album
- The current exchange rate is £.3668=NZ$1.00
- iTunes charges $1.79 inc GST for a single track
- I am paying Radiohead directly and cutting out all the fat in the middle

So, I paid £5.00 (plus a .45p transaction charge) which is $13.63 or $1.36 per track (and no GST) in my money. The thing is, I could have paid what ever I wanted so I decided on what I felt was a fair value and who knows Radiohead could be making a bigger cut off me than if they went through the traditional, bloated distribution model. If they do then good on them they deserve it.

In a way this is my loan or solitary protest against the RIAA and all those music publishers and record companies who treat me, the customer, as a potential criminal. I do not steal music but I do believe in the right to format shift or to use music I have purchased however I please for my own personal use without the restrictions of DRM or clandestine rootkits. According to this nugget on ArsTechnica even format shifting is theft in the opinion of Sony BMG.

I have just received a confirmation email from W.A.S.T.E, the Radiohead company, advising that on the 10th of October I will be able to download my purchase. I look forward to it and I hope Radiohead make lots of money, simply and because they have treated me with respect.


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Comment by paradoxsm, on 4-Oct-2007 17:30

Kind of a cool website too, I used to love creating this "DOS console" type of site but it's considered old hat now.
Even though i'm not crazy into Radiohead, I love their approach.

I'm certainly hoping the tracks are a good quality mp3 format and none of this WMA rubbish!

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