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Paul Brislen regarding Vodafone at home 'fair use policy'

By Gary R, in , posted: 12-Nov-2007 17:10

Ok so I blogged about the hidden unless you look for it 'Fair Use Policy' on the new Vodafone At Home service. Paul Brislen has kindly replied to my blog with the clarification around what the limitations of the service are:

From Paul:

'...and basically means that if you make a call and leave the phone line open for a month we'll cut your call off. Otherwise, help yourselves.'

In a 30 day month there are 720 hours. According to Paul, Vodafone would cut the call off if I leave it open for a month but no where in the press release does it state that there is a limit on the service. Unlimited means exactly that UNLIMITED. So, if I am on an unlimted service I would expect to be able to use the service like an intercom and have it connected for 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. I was thinking of buying two units and leaving one at my grannies house permanantely dialed into my home unit. This way if she gets into trouble all she needs to do is yell and I will get help.

I do not recall the Oxford English Dictionary redefining the word 'Unlimited' to mean subject to Fair Use.

Come on Vodafone fess up 'Fair Use' is NOT 'Unlimited'

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Comment by PaulBrislen, on 12-Nov-2007 18:40

I think you'll find most telcos include a fair use clause. As I recall it, Telecom will tell you you're not allowed to swear on the phone... OMG! It's not "unlimited".

I think a fair use policy of "don't leave your connection open permanently" constitutes unlimited for just about every reasonable expectation of it. It's a voice-calling land line replacement, not an ISDN line.



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