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Why is my mother so poor?

By Gary R, in , posted: 14-Nov-2007 13:10

I can blog about this because my mother does not have Internet so she wouldn't be reading my blog.

This morning my mother phones me to ask for money because she can not afford to buy food. She is paid a pittance on a pension and this current payment has been sucked up with bills. The thing that gets me is that this government pays the pension to my mother and then whacks off $100 a fortnight in tax.

My father died last year so my mother moved back from Aussie early this year to be closer to family. In Australia she received a pension but paid no tax, this made a huge difference to her meagre life style.

Why does this government not look after retired people? Think about this, any moron can breed and be paid Welfare for Families, the more these morons breed the more money they get. Where as my mother who paid tax all her life, never drank alcohol, never smoked, never gambled and never owned a car can not afford to buy food?

I work, I pay taxes, I receive absolutely no hand outs and I support my mother and my family. My wife looks after our child full time, volunteers for Plunket, runs a Play Group, is on the committee for a Play Centre and helps out at a creche. What do we get? Nothing!

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Comment by Noviota, on 14-Nov-2007 14:08

I'm still wanting to vote for the Pa Jama Party

Comment by lugh, on 14-Nov-2007 14:13

Isn't the point of view that the elderly should have saved for their retirement? Chances are that, even if National get in next election, the pension will still be taxed.

Personally, I'm sick of being a member of the "lost" middle-class. We've got nothing coming to us so end up having to struggle week to week (no toys for me!). Chances are that any tax cuts from either of the parties will amount to jack for us. And why doesn't the means-testing used to calculate Working for Families take student loan repayments into account - it's not like that's money I can spend.

Comment by n00dy, on 14-Nov-2007 19:59

Here Here... I am 100% behind the idea of tax free income when you are on a pension. If a country can not afford to look after its elderly then there shouldnt be a govt.

Comment by TinyTim, on 15-Nov-2007 08:37

If your mother hasn't been in NZ long then maybe she doesn't have her own house and therefore has accommodation costs. Has she talked to Work and Income to see if she can get extra assistance such as the accommodation supplement or something else?

It is a good thing that government support is independent of whether the recipient is a 'moron' and we must guard that. God knows that this is the sort of thing our nanny state government will try to do - dock your support if you do things it deems to be stupid.

Finally, volunteer work is just that - it is unpaid. You simply have to be satisfied that you're making our society a better place for yourselves, your child(ren) and others.

Comment by chris021, on 15-Nov-2007 12:29

I'll Vote for the Pa Jama Party!!!

Comment by inane, on 18-Nov-2007 17:27

the stupid irony of taxing a government pension befuddles my senses.

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