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Blogging - a hard way to make a living

By Gary R, in , posted: 20-Nov-2007 16:40

I was hugely excited to receive my first Google AdSense cheque last Saturday. Wow, I am on the Google payroll. I am not sure what I was expecting but I was planning on framing the cheque for reasons of nostalgia but as it turns out the cheque is very boring. I thought at least it would be emblazoned in Google colours and that it might be personally signed by messers Brin and Page. Anyway, I will bank it as it looks too bland to keep.

I understand the rules of blogging and AdSense. It is very simple, do not click on your own ads and do not encourage or solicit others to click on ads. It does make sense as someone; somewhere is paying for that click. Therefore you rely on people to click on ads for their own reasons. As a rule when I read a blog I will look at the ads but I will not click on them unless I have a genuine interest in doing so.

When you get down to the numbers you start to realise how many blogs I would have to publish and how many page views I would have to capture to even get close to making blogging economically viable. I calculate that (as this is my first cheque) I have personally earned 74 cents per blog post and 0.000535 cents per page view. To earn a million US bucks in a year I would need to step up my output somewhat. I would need at least 1,869,158,878 page views (wow that is a trillion!) and I would need to post 1,351,351 blogs. That is 3702 posts per day.

I decided I am going to buy myself a nice bottle of single malt for Christmas. It costs bang on the amount of the cheque. Once I have the Scotch I am going to send 39% of it to Ms Clark and Mr Cullen as my tax contribution from secondary earnings.

Ok this is number 3 for today, only 3,699 more posts to go before bed time.

Cheers to Google.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 20-Nov-2007 16:59

Yes I remember back in the day getting my first Google cheque, it was 2 months late after being bounced around the world, it went to Sweeden twice.

I haven't declared any of bloggin income. To be honest I didn't even think about it.

Now waiting for the black helicopters...

Comment by Brett, on 20-Nov-2007 17:11

0.000535 cents per page view

That's 1870 views to make 1 cent.

Comment by sbiddle, on 20-Nov-2007 17:17

Shh.. don't let Ms Clark or Dr Scrooge know you, an average working man, can afford a bottle of single malt or they'll increase the excise on liquor even more.

I've got a nice unopened bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label here that I won last year, I'm waiting for a special occasion to open it! :-)

Comment by tonyhughes, on 20-Nov-2007 20:57

I just did the math, and although there are some variables, I would need 39 blog posts a day at my current rate to match my current gross income.

I was really happy to get my first Google cheque. Bu then I switched to electronic payment. Every month I get a payment I am not expecting, and my interwebs bankonomy machine delivers a message of text telling me I got a deposit - w00t.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 20-Nov-2007 22:20

I got mine and shoved it back as a subscription! I think i'm getting less views now though, too many rants and raves though the "bad pizza" one was a great little earner!

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