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CallPlus left with sour grapes over Telecom plan

By Gary R, in , posted: 21-Nov-2007 16:03

CallPlus popped out this nugget of a Press Release this afternoon in response to the plan by Telecom to deploy 2,000 roadside cabinets within the next 2 years. The cabinets are part of Telecom's agressive plan and $1.4b investment to bring fibre to homes which will offer broadband speeds of up to 20Mbits per second.

I am truly stunned that CallPlus and Orcon did not see this coming. NGN (or Next Generation Network) has been on the Telecom drawing board for years. Transporting voice and data over short range fibre from roadside cabinets is the natural choice for delivering NGN services. The big old exchanges are a thing of the past and to cut costs Telecom probably needs to divest itself of these buildings at some point in the future.

Again Orcon and CallPlus play the anti-competitive card but at the end of the day you can not knock Telecom for actually fronting up with an aggressive deployment strategy and substantial investment plan. As I recall, it was not that long ago that CallPlus were waving around a $400M investment for WiMAX and other technologies. Where is the money and where is the WiMAX network?

Say all you want about Telecom but at least they actually deliver on their investment commitments, unlike some other companies.


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Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Nov-2007 16:11

Maybe they should read Geekzone. We've been talking about the NGN and Telecom's FTTN plans for years.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 21-Nov-2007 16:41

But we are talking Grizzle-Plus and Scroogshot!

They moan about everything.

And their internet prices, and actual performance are CRAP!

Comment by freitasm, on 21-Nov-2007 21:52

I don't know what those ISPs are complaining. The first time "cabinetisation plans" were discussed here on Geekzone was back in May 2006!

Anyway, I never believed ULL is good for us. It's only a way to give to other providers access to a network they have no interest in invest in. And don't tell me slamming some DSLAM (no pun) is investment in infrastructure - I mean real investment.

Telecom is investing, the others are not. Easy to see now?

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