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Verizon 'unbundle' plan already Practised in NZ

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-Nov-2007 13:15

I read this release on GZ with some interest. Verizon are not talking about the ability for Joe Punter to buy a single phone out of China that can then be connected to the Verizon network. They are talking about a framework for third parties (developers, etc) to have phones/devices approved or certified.

This certification process has been available from Telecom for a number of years; it is called Permit To Connect. Any company can submit any CDMA product to Telecom for approval. This year alone my company has gained approvals for four devices from Telecom, the 5th is in approval now and the 6th will go in for testing shortly. In total we have gained 11 approvals from Telecom for CDMA devices.

Verizon is no different to Telecom in that there is certain network criteria you need to meet for a device to be approved. A large part of this is RF performance, as all transmitting devices will, to a certain degree, transmit in frequencies that are defined as out-of-band or outside the spectrum owned and operated by Telecom for CDMA. These RF rules are administered by the Ministry of Economic Development and there are certain frequencies allocated in NZ that you need to stay away from such as those used for defence or aviation purposes. The last thing you want is for some CDMA device to interfere with an AirNZ frequency, for example.

Verizon is spending or has spent $20M on a testing centre; this is not a charity as they are going to charge for device approvals. This is no different to Telecom who have a testing centre and some very expensive bits of testing kit such as a multi-million dollar Spirent CDMA network simulator.

If you are going to submit a device to Telecom you need to have all the right documentation and your device will need to have passed FCC radio testing which measures things such as out-of-band emissions. If the device is a phone you need to have SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) which measures the absorption of radiation through a body (as in human). Once you understand the process it is not difficult.

Telecom do not dictate all the rules (again RF is government defined and managed) but they do have an obligation to ensure that the device you submit behaves in a manner that does not cause a disturbance to or interference with their network or other users. Additionally, the customer experience must be up to scratch because if Joe Punter buys a device that we (for example) distribute which ends up having problems they will always call Telecom for support in the first instance simply because the usage is billed by Telecom.

So, there you have it. What Verizon is doing is not something new but obviously they have (up until now) been a lot more closed than Telecom. From our perspective we have never failed, been rejected on or refused any approvals on any device that we have submitted to Telecom.

The GSM world is no different except that the GSM certification is performed further back up the food chain by international testing labs.

I really do not understand where the impression comes from that Telecom is a 'closed shop' or has a 'closed network'.

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Comment by macuser, on 28-Nov-2007 14:05

Maybe because when you ask a Telecom representitive at a Telecom store, they either say No, or that it costs so much money, Joe public will not find it worth it to connect the phone.
How much will the Verizon fees be?
Why is CDMA so much more closed than GSM?

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Nov-2007 14:09

Like I said this is not a process for Joe Public to bring in a single phone from China. CDMA is not closed. Who knows what the Verizon fees will be.

Comment by freitasm, on 28-Nov-2007 16:07

It probably comes down to "I can't purchase a cool handset from Sprint and have it working on Telecom"...

Comment by macuser, on 28-Nov-2007 16:26

I do actualy beleive this will be much cheaper than Telecoms offering, How much is telecom's telepermit anyway? to go through the system?

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Nov-2007 16:31

what do you base this assumption on? Don't you think you should at least wait to find out what Verizon will charge before commenting...

Put it this way - Telecom charge a lot less than what it costs them to actually perform the Telepermit.

Comment by macuser, on 28-Nov-2007 16:42

From CTO Dick Lynch

"If somebody has the technical capability of building a device on a breadboard and they want to bring it to be tested, the philosophy of this program says "Have at it!" If it is tested and passes, it can get on the network. Does it make it hard to be the small guy on the block? Not now, with availability of components, etc. The provider of the device would have some fee that they would pay. I think it's going to be surprisingly reasonable - it's not gonna have many many zeroes on the back. They will be very reasonable fees for professional services rendered."

So it will between x00 and x000, but I'm sure on the lower scale if....CEO Lowell McAdam says;

"If somebody wants to bring a device over from any other CDMA carrier or somewhere else, if it passes the test and operates on our frequencies, they can. [Can someone move from Sprint to Verizon?] The short answer is "Yes."

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Nov-2007 16:55

From Verizon:

'Manufacturers will be given the opportunity to bring their devices up to speed, and Verizon Wireless will institute a testing process for hardware, apparently whose manufacturers are interested in meeting those specifications. There will be no preference applied to which hardware gets tested.

Once a device is approved, Verizon Wireless will accept any customer who owns that device and who seeks connection to its CDMA or PCS network'

Hardware as in approved version revision 'x' with approved software 'y'. It is no different here. We have product approved and Telecom allows customers to connect it.....

Comment by tonyhughes, on 28-Nov-2007 19:09

Comment by macuser, on 28-NOV-2007 15:26

I do actualy beleive this will be much cheaper than Telecoms offering, How much is telecom's telepermit anyway? to go through the system?

How on earth do you "beleive" (your spelling, not mine) they will be cheaper, when in the very same sentence (which would dictate the use of a lower-case 'h' for the word 'how'), you admit to not knowing how much Telecom charge. Odd. Very odd.

Comment by macuser, on 29-Nov-2007 09:37

May I point you to two links, both directly FROM Verizon, which will give you both a better idea of the service that BRING YOUR OWN provides to the CONSUMER
If you will take the time to read these as well as the press release you will find that; any operating system, any application and any hardware that meets minimum requirements (ie passes a network test with Verizon [ No other testing needed ] ) will be aloud on the network.
This is For the consumer, and is much different from Telecoms System.
Sorry for lack of hyperlinks.

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