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Swallow Command Off-line

By Gary R, in , posted: 19-Dec-2007 10:20

Speculation is running rife on the inter-web that the enigmatic John Searl is about to build a full working prototype of his Searl Effect Generator or SEG

The Swallow Command website which tracked the life, times and inventions of Mr Searl has been permanently removed apparently in preperation of some big announcement.

Rumour has it that a significant amount of money has been spent on a prototype which is being constructed in Thailand.

The SEG is another one of those perpetual motion machines that promises to give out more power than it consumes and at the same time (as a bonus) it generates an Anti-Gravity field. The technology will supposedly deliver 'free' abundant power and innovative air transport vehicles.

I guess we can only wait and see, but certainly Mr Searl has been working on his invention for a long time. Personally I would like to see Mr Searl succeed so that we can forget all this Kyoto nonsense and more importantly I really want to fly home from work to avoid the traffic.

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Comment by LD, on 5-Mar-2008 23:11

This info as of March 3,2008 is incorrect..

the www.swallowcommand.com web site is there and fully active and updated..as well as the DISC (John Searl's company) web site..www.searleffect.com

Further the SEG prototype (home sized unit 11+kilowatts 120/240 vac (us 60hz)..is now being built in the US by Mr John Thomas of Rochester NY..John Thomas is the cofounder and CEO of DISC..(John Searl, founder and Pres.)..full details at the DISC web site searleffect.com

Note at swallowcommand.com are several great free

streaming vids of a mockup seg to watch..

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