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Put some thought into that Domain Name

By Gary R, in , posted: 22-Jan-2008 09:50

We have registered a few domains recently and we have taken the time to think about the name we are registering and how it looks sandwiched between the www. and the .com. There are some classic examples of domain names that could easily be mispronounced or the meaning misconstrued over at Toroller

From NZ there is the website for the 'as seen on TV company' called www.butthatsnotall.co.nz which looks like 'butt hats not all'.

But I think the prize for the most poorly thought out domain name has to go to www.therapistfinder.com what looks like a directory for sex offenders is actually a directory to find a therapist in California.

Has anyone else got some classics?


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Comment by Sinn, on 22-Jan-2008 16:11

I suppose someone who's gone to the site looking for sex offenders may very well be in need of a therapist =o)

Comment by Markus, on 23-Jan-2008 00:05

Sinn, I really wished you'd worded your comment slightly different thus:

"I suppose someone who's gone to the site looking for sex offenders may very well be in need of therapists"

It's sort of a double play...

On another note, at www.therapists.co.nz I can only find things like herbs, massage and acupuncture.

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Jan-2008 21:15

What about Analtech?

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