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Begalet - Universal Personal Transport

By Gary R, in , posted: 4-Feb-2008 11:25

This is so cool I want one.

From Scarab Aviation Labs based in Russia comes the Begalet - Universal Personal Transport.


It can be used on land, water and snow (with modification) and it can fly!

The craft weighs just 55Kg's when empty and can reach a maximum speed of 80kph on land and up to 160kph in the air (according to some reports). It seems to be a motorised paraglider but Scarab also have some fixed wing versions in development.

It uses a parachute in case of emergency landing when airborne and a bouyancy device to stop it sinking when on the water.

The engine delivers just 30hp with a range of up to 400km so it should be quite economical to run as well.

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Comment by signz, on 4-Feb-2008 18:53

Who needs such wasted bits as safety guards around the blades? Al they do is add weight!

You won't get that past ACC and OSH!

Imagine sitting at the lights with the prop going!

Comment by inane, on 5-Feb-2008 13:11

sign me up for two!!!!

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