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Welcome to Vuestar

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-May-2008 10:16

Welcome indeed. It seems that Vuestar of Singapore (and Australia) is claiming to own a patent in Singapore, USA, Australia and little old NZ for, wait for it...

'A "technology" that enables a visitor to a web site to click on an image to go to another web page or web site'

In fact they have already started to send out invoices in Singapore:

'We hereby wish to advise the Commercial community that in the coming days you may receive an invoice and notice of a need to have a licence of “ USE ” where it is deemed that our intellectual property is being used to locate web – sites and/or web – pages using visual images pursuant to the various patents granted by the patent offices in the identified Countries.'

It seems that Vuestar claim to own the patent granted to one Ronald Neville Langford of Battery Hill, Queensland, Australia.

If correct then obviously Vuestar (and I assume Mr Langford) stand to make a sh_t load of money. The FAQ's are an interesting read. Here are a few highlights:


Why are you invoicing me?

You have accessed the VUESTAR , Vue Smart System by clicking, scrolling or streaming over a Visual Image to connect with a website or web page.

My web page uses visual images am I the only one paying the Licence?

No. You are required to have a License, as is your Internet Service provider, your Telco whose phones connected to the web and anybody else contributing to the use of the patent. All search engine portals and web sites that have search facilities and images will require separate Licenses.

What are Visual Images?

Icons, logos, brand names, photos, signatures, animations, graphics and other likeliness used or capable of being used to identify, isolate, promote, educate, market or otherwise exploit in commerce or otherwise visual images.


At this stage Vuestar appear to be only sending invoices to Singapore companies and granting 'licenses' for the Singapore territory. I really do have to wonder how this patent was granted, why it was not contested and surely there must be prior-art in existence that totally invalidates any Vuestar claims.


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Comment by stevonz, on 28-May-2008 12:01

Amazingly new technology but... *cough cough*

Comment by Geoff, on 28-May-2008 14:28

You can view the NZ patent: here

or here

From a quick skim of the patent, it looks like it's about clicking on an image to go to a site, where the image is a preview of the site. Of course, what they say in their FAQ is that a company logo is a visual representation of the content, so is covered by the patent.

This should be fun...

Comment by tchart, on 29-May-2008 08:36

What a bunch of BS...

How can this patent be valid? I can remember using Netscape in 1996 with hyperlinked images.

I wonder if anyone will be stupid enough to pay up.

I'd like to see them enforce this but I guess they will only go after the easy/big money by challenging big sites who can afford a pay out after a legal battle.

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