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Disposal of Eco-bulbs

By Gary R, in , posted: 26-Jun-2008 16:55

From the Housing Corporation website:

'At the end of the bulb’s life — Dispose at your local refuse station so that the mercury can be collected and recycled. Freephone 0800 10 21 31 for locations that collect energy efficient light bulbs for recycling. If possible, don’t put the bulbs in your household rubbish.

Ecobulbs have a 2-year warranty, so any bulbs that fail within that period can be returned to the retailer and exchanged for a new Ecobulb (no receipt required).

If the bulb breaks — Air the house for about 10-15 minutes. Broken bulbs fragments should then be swept into a bag (don’t vacuum) and taken to your local refuse station for recycling. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid being cut'


So, if Eco-bulb (or CFL) breaks evacuate house, put on Hazmat suit, sweep glass into a sealed airtight container, gas up SUV and drive 10km's to local refuse station for disposal.

It is so hard being green.

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Comment by manhinli, on 26-Jun-2008 17:24

Yep - the mercury vapours are dangerous.

I can remember one episode of MythBusters, where their homemade coin shooter fired into a fluorencent tube. They had to evacuate the workshop.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 26-Jun-2008 17:49

QUICK! buy some of the old style bulbs before the government outlaws them.

There apparently is a company whom are trying to get dropoff boxes at supermarkets, a good idea as just about everyone has to go to the supermarket, whethere people will remember is another question.

Comment by Dratsab, on 27-Jun-2008 10:03

Given the nature of their contents, I fail to see how they can actually be marketed as ecobulbs.  Granted they do use less power, but their contents are pretty far from the eco-friendly end of the spectrum. 

Maybe they should be called half-ecobulbs.

I wonder when we're going to be told what sort of toilet paper we have to use???

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