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By Gary R, in , posted: 17-May-2006 12:57

Take a story about Laptops and sprinkle it with snide remarks about Telecom and broadband.

Adam Gifford

What starts out as an interesting article about the growth of laptop sales, etc soon disintegrates into another slug fest about the state of broadband with comments like:

Once you have decent broadband (as you will once Telecom's chokehold on the market is truly broken), you will find it faster to look numbers up in the online white pages anyway. And Skype will actually work properly.


Wireless is becoming standard in notebooks, though again Telecom's dead hand has slowed the advance of wifi networks around the country.

I found the above comments to be totally derogatory, unrelated to the article and quite frankly inaccurate. The author has little or no grasp of the concept of remote or mobile working as he omits any mention of either the Telecom or Vodafone mobile 3G networks. For some unknown reason he seems to believe that the proliferation (or non proliferation) of WiFi networks is somehow Telecom's fault. He also notably makes no mention of CityLink or Woosh.

I am going to say it - this guy lacks any credibility and is definitely not qualified to write editorial about technology. He should leave The Herald immediately and consider a career change, maybe something like gossip columnist at New Idea would be more suited.

Seriously what a loser!

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Comment by freitasm, on 17-May-2006 14:11

Full of those around here...

Comment by Johnr, on 17-May-2006 16:56

I went to school with a Adam Gifford and he was a right Pr**c

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