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Head of New Media buys into 'old media'

By Gary R, in , posted: 5-Dec-2008 13:56

All the assets of Real Groovy records have been purchased by a company called Fonografo. One of the partners of the new owners is Ralph Brayham

Ralph is a one time country manager for Toshiba and has held a number of roles at Telecom including General Manager of New Media, General Manager of Ferrit and currently (I have heard) he is General Manager of Broadband.

Over the years Ralph would have been one of this countries greatest proponents of digital delivery for everything media related through his varied roles in Mobile, Xtra and Ferrit. On the other hand Real Groovy is one of the last of a dying bread of 'real' record shops. A place where you can still get vinyl!

Good on him for saving the Real Groovy icon but why did he do it? Was it a purchase based on some nostalgic whim or is Ralph about to expand the Real Groovy online store? Only time will tell.

For the non-Italians out there. Fonografo means gramophone or phonograph. Very appropriate.

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Comment by Paa, on 5-Dec-2008 17:39

Ralph - just after I asked you about the derth of info, Ive got a dozen stories like this one. Good for you. Pa

Comment by Graham, on 7-Dec-2008 12:26

Just to specify, Wellington and Christchurch were sold seperately to each of the stores managers. Ralph has invested in the Auckland store only. Fonografo is the original 2 owners plus Ralph.

The other 2 stores have been up and running as per normal since late October :)

Comment by Miki Szikszai, on 9-Dec-2008 23:43

I think you'll find the RG is a damn good business and even though digital is great for most things it doesn't beat vinyl.

Surely you've seen High Fidelity as well - that's the real inspiration :)

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