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Will my phone work on the new Telecom mobile network?

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-Apr-2009 12:50

A very good question actually and not an easy one to answer accurately. I felt compelled to compile a list of phone manufacturers and models that potentially will work on the new Telecom mobile network after a couple of friends of mine received bum advice from a retailer. They were told that because their phones supported the '850MHz' frequency they would work. Wrong! Sure they support 850MHz but only for 2G (their phones are quad-band GSM). Very, very important your phone must be 3G and it must support 850MHz.

In the spirit of sharing I have taken the time to compile the definitive list of most of the 3G, 850MHz phones currently available around the world.

There are a couple of things to be aware of:

1. Manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola and LG produce variants of major phone models. For example, the HTC Touch Diamond is available in two variants, one supports 900/2100MHZ (great for Vodafone) and the other 850/2100MHz (required for Telecom). If you are not sure check with the phone manufacturer.

2. Some phones were made specifically for a carrier such as AT&T or Telstra. This could mean that the phone software is heavily customised for that specific carrier and possibly not all services (eg WAP and MMS) will work on Telecom.

3. The frequency used by Telecom (850MHz) is also used by Telstra Australia and AT&T USA, if the phone works on either of these networks it will probably work here but again, check with the phone manufacturer

4. Remember this is a guideline only and I have not personally tested all these phones! All I have done is spend quite a bit of time looking at phone specs.

Acer Tempo DX900
Acer Tempo F900
Acer Tempo M900
Acer Tempo X960
Apple iPhone 3G
Asus Lamborghini ZX1
Asus M536
Asus P560
Asus ZX1 Lamborghini
Dopod 810 (variant of HTC Trinity
Dopod 838 Pro
Dopod C730 (HTC Cavalier variant)
E-TEN Glofiish M800
E-TEN Glofiish M810
E-TEN Glofiish V900
E-TEN Glofiish X800
E-TEN Glofiish X900
Garmin Asus nuvifone G60
Garmin Asus nuvifone M20 (USA version)
HP Compaq iPAQ 610
HP Compaq iPAQ 610c Business Navigator
HP Compaq iPAQ 612c Business Navigator
HP Compaq iPAQ 614 Phone
HP Compaq iPAQ 900 Phone
HP Compaq iPAQ 910 Business Navigator
HP Compaq iPAQ 910c Business Navigator
HP Compaq iPAQ 912c Business Navigator
HTC AT&T 8525 (Hermes variant)
HTC P6500 (O2 XDA Mantle)
HTC P3600 variant (Orange SPV M700)
HTC P3600 (Trinity)
HTC P3600i (D810x)
HTC P3650 Touch Cruise
HTC P4550 (TyTN II Kaiser)
HTC Qtek 9600
HTC Qtek S300
HTC S730 (Wings) (USA version)
HTC S743
HTC Softbank X02HT (Cavalier variant)
HTC Vario III (Kaiser variant)
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Dual (USA Variant)
HTC Touch Pro (Fuze) (AT&T)
HTC TyTN (Hermes 200)
I-Mate 810-F
I-Mate Ultimate 5150
I-Mate Ultimate 6150
I-Mate Ultimate 7150
I-Mate Ultimate 8150
I-Mate Ultimate 8502
I-Mate Ultimate 9150
I-Mate Ultimate 9502
LG CB630 Invision
LG CF750 (variant of KF750 Secret on AT&T)
LG CU500
LG CU500v
LG CU515 (AT&T variant)
LG CU575 Trax (AT&T variant)
LG CU720 (AT&T variant)
LG GD900 Crystal
LG Globus TU330
LG Incite CF810 (AT&T Variant)
LG KC910 Renoir
LG KF390
LG KM560/CM560
LG KP330/CP330
LG KT770
LG Telstra TU500
LG Telstra TU550
LG Telstra TU575
LG TU720 (Shine)
LG Vu CU920/CU915
Motorola A3000
Motorola A3100 Surf
Motorola Maxx V6
Motorola MC75 EDA
Motorola Q9h
Motorola RAZR2 V9
Motorola RAZR2 V9x
Motorola Tundra VA76r
Motorola VE66
Motorola Z9
MWg O2 XDA Orbit II
MWg Zinc II Phone
Nokia 5320
Nokia 5800
Nokia 6120
Nokia 6720
Nokia E51
Nokia E55
Nokia E66 (850/2100MHz)
Nokia E66 (850/1900MHz)
Nokia E71-2
Nokia E71-3
Nokia E75-2
Nokia N78
Nokia N95
Palm Treo 750/750v
Palm Treo Pro
Pantech C610
Pantech Duo
Pantech Matrix Blue (AT&T variant)
Pantech Matrix Green (AT&T variant)
Pantech Matrix Pro (AT&T variant)
Pantech Sky IM-U210/U210K
Pharos Traveler 117
Pharos Traveler 127
RIM Blackberry Bold
RIM Blackberry Storm 9530
Samsung A501
Samsung A551
Samsung A561
Samsung A701
Samsung A706
Samsung A717
Samsung A737
Samsung A827
Samsung Epix i907
Samsung F480T
Samsung i617T
Samsung i8510
Samsung Pixon M8800
Samsung Propel SGH-A767
Samsung Rugby A837
Samsung SGH-1707
Samsung SGH-A707
Samsung SGH-A821
Samsung SGH-A867
Samsung SGH-i607
Samsung SGH-i617
Samsung SLM SGH-A747
Samsung Telstra A412
Samsung Telstra A711
Samsung Telstra A801
Samsung Telstra A811
Samsung Telstra i601
Samsung U900T
Sharp SX663
Sony Ericsson C510a Cybershot
Sony Ericsson C702a
Sony Ericsson C903a
Sony Ericsson C905a
Sony Ericsson G705
Sony Ericsson G705u
Sony Ericsson K850i
Sony Ericsson W508a
Sony Ericsson W760i
Sony Ericsson W995a
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
Sony Ericsson Z750a
Sony Ericsson Z750i
Sony Ericsson Z780/Z780i
Toshiba Portege G500
Toshiba Portege G810
ZTE F188
ZTE F890
ZTE F900
ZTE F912
ZTE Telstra Easy Touch Discovery
ZTE Telstra Easy Touch F858
ZTE Telstra F152
ZTE Telstra F153
ZTE Telstra F156
ZTE Telstra F158
ZTE Telstra F159
ZTE Telstra F165
ZTE Telstra F165i
ZTE Telstra F252/F256
ZTE Telstra F852

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Comment by Chris Auld, on 28-Apr-2009 14:34

So my Sierra Wireless Module in my notebook should work just fine then?


Comment by juha, on 28-Apr-2009 14:41

Great list, and excellent work.

Could you make each phone name/number a link to the manufacturer's site, going to the page with specifications?

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Apr-2009 15:01

Thanks Juha - If I start tonight I might have all the links done before they roll out 4G

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Apr-2009 15:01

Yes Chris your Sierra module will work just fine

Comment by boby55, on 28-Apr-2009 15:56

The nokia n95 will not work if it was brought in NZ as they only have 850 GSM, USA n95's will work on 850 WCDMA

Comment by timwelch, on 28-Apr-2009 16:12

Some Sierra Wireless modules are firmware locked to the Vodafone network such as the ones in the HP 2710p. I have got around this by upgrading the module radio firmware with generic Sierra Wireless firmware (Google to find) and it all works sweet.

Comment by guyz, on 28-Apr-2009 16:44

so...no blackberry?

Author's note by Jama, on 28-Apr-2009 16:53

RIM Blackberry Bold
RIM Blackberry Storm 9530

Comment by wongtop, on 28-Apr-2009 21:21

I think the Nokia 6600 slide (and probably fold too) should work

Comment by paradoxsm, on 29-Apr-2009 18:07

N95-3 will work, the regular N95-1 that is the common model won't* (if Vodafone sold it here, it won't* work)* will not work all over New Zealand but will work on the limited 2100 coverage.

Comment by riahon, on 30-Apr-2009 05:16

Great list. I liked the look of the Samsung Pixon with double bonus it can play divx movies however checking the specs I noticed it was 2100mhz only. That wouldnt make it compatible so wonder if there is another version with 850mhz?

Comment by kate, on 30-Apr-2009 18:48

is a 850MHz the same as GSM850?

would the sharp sidekick 3 work?

Author's note by Jama, on 30-Apr-2009 22:29

No - GSM850 is 2G. You need 850MHz 3G.

Comment by pcruthven, on 1-May-2009 09:09

The Nokia 6267 will work, & yes Id love one.
Nokia 3120 (RM-364 850/2100MHz) I "hear" will be sold by Telecom.  The Nokia 3120 sold by by Vodafone NZ (RM-365 900/2100Mhz) wont work.

Comment by kimw, on 3-May-2009 22:51

Just got a Sony Ericsson C902 - it's a great phone - but is it compatible with XT? Cheers

Comment by Marcus, on 5-May-2009 19:05

What does RIM mean in RIM Blackberry? Will not all Blackberry Bold work?

Author's note by Jama, on 6-May-2009 09:52

RIM = Research In Motion

Developer of Blackberry

Comment by Chris thomson, on 7-May-2009 21:04

Hey will the sidekick 3 work on telecom? I don't know the specs and someone asked before but I wasn't sure if you were answering that part of their question? Also if it isn't compatible is there any kind of chip or anything I can use to make it compatible? Cheers

Comment by Kyall Foley, on 7-May-2009 22:23

Do you reckon that the Nokia 6121 Classic will work on the new network? Would love to switch to Telecom.

Comment by Ben Eaton, on 10-May-2009 16:18

the nokia 6500 slide should work also, it has 3g 850 and 2100

am i right about this?

Comment by Blair, on 10-May-2009 20:28

Hi there,

Great list! You have listed the Nokia 5800 as a phone will work on the new XT network. Is it the rest of the world verison of the phone or the US verison?

Comment by pcruthven, on 11-May-2009 17:01

The Nokia 6212 if purchased from VF NZ won’t work as it is WCDMA 2100 & WCDMA 900.  One from the US may work if is a WCDMA 850/2100 model (don’t know the exact sub codes for this).  As is now common with Nokia models there are several different sub models with slightly different network frequency capabilities.

What you will find with VF NZ Nokia (and other) models is they will be releasing only the ones that support "Their" frequencies 900/2100 WCDMA if the model has more than one version.  XT Network will be doing the same and only getting in the 850/2100 CDMA versions.

Hopefully Nokia and other manufactures will be releasing 850/900/2100 WCDMA models (not many countries require this frequency spread yet, so it may take awhile)

Buy from XT Network and you'll be fine :)

Comment by David, on 14-May-2009 10:54

Can I besure the model Dopod D810/HTC P3600 will work??


Comment by Alan Carter, on 22-May-2009 16:57

Hi, I have an unlocked Samsung E250 handset I bought in England that works fine on the Vodafone network here. It is a tri band 900/1800/1900mhz. My question is will it work on Telecoms new Xt network ??

Comment by zaze tyler, on 25-May-2009 17:06

would a Motorola RAZR V3xx work on the network?, according to specs it has 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900??? chz

Comment by dragonsinger57, on 25-May-2009 18:06

I've used my Nokia 6121 Classic both in Australia on the Telstra network and in the USA on the AT&T network - so it might work on the Xt - the documentation states both 850 & 2100

Comment by Nikki, on 28-May-2009 00:30

Ok I'm a little confused, I have a a Motorola V3x 3G phone. In the settings it says the Band I have available is 1900, 900/1800, WCDMA 2100. So reading the above I'm assuming it won't be suitable for the XT network?

Comment by Tim, on 28-May-2009 20:40

Hey mate,

So 1st gen iphone's won't work with XT network?!



Comment by Ali Alani, on 29-May-2009 02:47

Hi, this link *might* be helpfull.


correct me if I'm wrong

my 2 cents for now


Comment by Peter, on 29-May-2009 12:30

Hi. the n95 does not work. but can i change anything to make it work?

Comment by Peter, on 29-May-2009 17:19

And does a Nokia 6500 slide work on xt network? its is UMTS 850 / 2100 ... is that ok?

Comment by Alex, on 29-May-2009 22:55

I went into the telecom store today and tried one of their sim cards in my Blackberry Storm 9530 and it doesnt work...HOW THE HELL CAN THIS NOT WORK IN A PHONE THAT WAS OVER 1000$.

i was so upset lolz

Comment by sweet92, on 30-May-2009 01:38

wow the list is great! really helpful (:

how about the LG KH8000,LG-LU160 or pantech sky IM-U300K?

do you have any idea of any of these would any of these work? 

thanks ;)

Comment by Niscoupe, on 30-May-2009 19:27

Motorola Razr2 V9 will NOT work, V9x will

Comment by VinLew, on 31-May-2009 16:05

You can check your phone works at http://www.telecom.co.nz/mobile/ournetwork/phonecompatibility?nv=sd - But you will need the IMEI number from the handset.

Hope This Helps :D

Comment by sweet92, on 31-May-2009 21:23

will the pantech sky IM-U300K work??

Comment by sweet92, on 31-May-2009 22:41

will the pantech sky IM-U300K work??

Comment by liz, on 1-Jun-2009 10:01

would be interested to know if nokia n95 can be altered to work as mentioned above the n95-3 will work with limited coverage what happens when the coverage is not avaliable is it then switched bak to not xt? my husband has nokia n95 and i am looking to get one but want them on telecom


Comment by kenisius, on 4-Jun-2009 10:56

Ok - on the flipside of things, could you pls tell me if my new Sony Ericsson c510a phone (bought from Telecom) would work with a Vodafone simcard??

Comment by kenisius, on 4-Jun-2009 10:58

Ok - on the flipside of things, could you pls tell me if my new Sony Ericsson c510a phone (bought from Telecom) would work with a Vodafone simcard??

Comment by kenisius, on 4-Jun-2009 11:02

Ok - on the flipside of things, could you pls tell me if my new Sony Ericsson c510a phone (bought from Telecom) would work with a Vodafone simcard??

Comment by kenisius, on 4-Jun-2009 11:03

Ok - on the flipside of things, could you pls tell me if my new Sony Ericsson c510a (bought from Telecom) would work with a Vodafone simcard??

Comment by cokeman2, on 7-Jun-2009 17:24

i ve got a nokia 5800 went to the telecom store too see if it would work on the XT network , they checked the ime number on the website  said it would work ,( i was 99% sure it wouldn't) , telecom rep kindly give his Sim card to try on the phone after 3 minutes of networking searching no xt network showed up understandably phone dosent have the 850mhz , but he said maybe the apn settings needed to b tweaked or changed ...don't think it would matter really ....basically i am saying the ime number searching  is not great , shouldn't have said it would work

Comment by Downs, on 14-Jun-2009 11:54

Does the LG COOKIE work on the network?

Really need to know because am looking at buying one.


Comment by TerryP, on 14-Jun-2009 12:06

I have a Nokia 6500 Classic (not purchased from a mobile service provider, unlocked) and the spec says it supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 plus UMTS 850/2100 (you can select either GSM or UMTS or dualmode operation in the network settings).

My understanding is the UMTS and WCDMA are terms that apply to the same network technology, so the Nokia 6500c shoudl work on Telecom XT - right?

Can anyone confirm?

(I'll probably go to a Telcom store and try it - I'll post confirmation if I do)

Comment by tepl, on 19-Jun-2009 17:26

I have a Nokia 6500 Classic and have just bought a Telecom XT Sim - all up and running folks!

Comment by Charlie, on 29-Jun-2009 17:43

I'd be interested to know if anyone has managed to check the GSM version of the Palm Centro. I have entered a number of IMEIs into the XT compatibility test, and it comes up negative, e.g. 011351003735697

Has anyone tried an actual SIM card though?

Comment by Mike Mackinnon, on 14-Aug-2009 15:09

Wondered if you know of a phone with a dual sim card that would work on the XT network for me and vodaphone for the kids... Sick of 2 phones. Ta

Comment by Alexnz22, on 9-Sep-2009 22:43

Now somebody just needs to sort out which ones are the touchsreen models

Comment by michael cipta, on 7-Oct-2009 06:54

hi man..

i use a blackberry bold from at&t and i use it on telecom NZ provider..

the strange things about my bb is it cant make a phone call and send a text while i use telecom... but i could make calls and send text when i use vodafone NZ and any provider in backhome (not america, particularly in south east asia)

i reckon it is just because provider does not suitable for the phone doesnt it? because my friends also have the same type of blackberry from at&t as well and he also cant use it while other of my friends use blackberry which isnt labelled from at&t..

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