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Boo digiRAMA no iPod support.....

By Gary R, in , posted: 4-Jul-2006 12:52

So we finally have an NZ download music site with a large and comprehensive selection of tracks. But what do you know - NO iPod support. Doh!! that is just stupid. I don't care about 'play for sure' and the ongoing battles over DRM, not my problem. I, like thousands of other users want music for our iPods. We don't to want to buy inferior 'play for sure' devices because we have iPods. Talk about market limiting!

My other gripe is the price. Each track is around $1.69. If a CD has 16 to 19 tracks that would cost a total of $27.04 to $32.11 to download. Wow, that is dearer than actually buying a CD from the Warehouse. A CD that has a nice coloured booklet and a CD that copies to my iPod no problem at all.

Why am I going to pay more for an album that I have to download myself using my own bandwidth that costs me money, that only lets me copy a track a certain amount of times, that is device retarded, DRM crippled and format restricted (128kbps WMA).

Get a grip digiRAMA and all of you money sucking record companies. Give the consumers what they want at a realistic price otherwise you do deserve to be pirated!

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Comment by Mark, on 4-Jul-2006 13:11

Now that is why digiRAMA won't be getting my money any time soon.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 4-Jul-2006 16:39

DRM DRM, Beware go the worning bells, Also when you have a good sound system with expensive speakers, Windows Media especially at the low bitrates they encode at sound just awful.. LONG LIVE the CD, and uncompressed, unaltered recordings at a good price, I just bought $300 of music, Hey, at 70% off, who wouldn't

Comment by Aloha, on 4-Jul-2006 17:27

Very good blog Jama!

Author's note by Jama, on 4-Jul-2006 17:55

A slight correction - I just noticed that you can buy a whole album on digiRAMA for $16.99 or each track for $1.69. It still doesn't change the other factors around iPod support, crap format, DRM, etc. I will still buy the CD.

Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Jul-2006 18:30

Have you followed the new French law dealing with DRM music?

Author's note by Jama, on 4-Jul-2006 18:54

I haven't really looked too much into the French laws. How about writing a blog on the subject sbiddle?

Comment by alasta, on 4-Jul-2006 19:55

Unless the industry can come up with a universal and future-proof DRM format, I will be buying CDs for a long time to come.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 6-Jul-2006 09:20

if you want to buy from digirama (which i advise against), buy the music, burn it to CD with WMP, then import the CD using itunes. Now you have nice shiny DRM-less MP3's. No hacking, just using approved functions of Microsoft Windows Media Player, and Apple iTunes to be able to listen to your music wherever you want. Downside - you will probably have to tag the music yourself (name, artist etc etc)

Comment by taniwha, on 15-Aug-2006 13:30

may i suggest



http://amplifier.co.nz for nice vanilla mp3s

http://allofmp3.com for lossless flacs or cheap oggs.

Comment by Edwin Hermann, on 10-Sep-2007 12:33

Just use iTunes - it's the biggest store by far (offers 6 million tracks) and it works with iPods.

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