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Welcome to the Microsoft Technical Briefing Sessions

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 15-Mar-2007 20:22

Welcome to the Microsoft Technical Sessions

Sean McBreen

Director | Developer & Platform Strategy

Microsoft New Zealand

People Drive Business Success

(People Ready)

Microsoft’s Promises to You

Enabling IT Pros & Development teams Across the IT Lifecycle

  1. Advance the Business with IT Solutions
  2. Manage Complexity, Achieve Agility
  3. Protect Information, control Access
  4. Amplify the impact of Your People

Infrastructure Optimisation

(People, Process, Technology)

  1. Basic
  2. Standardized
  3. Rationalized
  4. Dynamic

What you can expect to see today

  1. Application Platform Track
  2. Information Worker Track
  3. Infrastructure Track


The wave has arrived

Darryl Burling

Developer and Platform Strategy



  1. Improvement e.g. The Ribbon
  2. Creativity
  3. Change
  4. Implementation
  5. Invention

(The above alone do not define innovation) Innovation must give users Value.

Creating Value

  1. Customer (feedback, studies)
  2. Design (creativity, invention)
  3. Development (Implementation)
  4. Release

How do you know?

  1. US$6.2 Billion
  2. Over 3000 Patents


How do you know?

  1. I want to show you

What Are Customers Saying?

Robin Johansen, CIO, Beca Carter

  1. Windows 2000 has passed its use by date
  2. No compelling case to move to XP
  3. Tested Vista for their environment
  4. Vista adds value to our business


Microsoft SoftGrid

·        A product that can virtualize applications, e.g. Access 2000 and 97 can’t run side-by-side.

·        Bruce Chamberlain, Technology Specialist, Microsoft

·        Isolation with Controlled OS Interaction

·        Applications are virtualised per instance:

o       Files (incl. System Files)

o       Registry

o       Fonts

o       .ini

o       COM objects

o       Services

·        Applications do not get installed or alter the operating system

·        Yet tasks are enabled to complete

3 key areas:

  1. Sequencing: Rapidly packages applications through active watch technology including execution dependencies
  2. Management. Applications delivered by highly scalable infrastructure and assigned by Active Directory.  Optional application license enforcement.
  3. Streaming. Delivers application through dynamic streaming protocol and caches for repeat use.  Supports disconnected mode.

SoftGrid for Desktop and TS

  1. Applications running remotely within a TS session served by SoftGrid for TS
  2. Application running locally using SoftGrid Desktop client


Managing Growth Using a Modern Programming Model

Bohdan Szymanik

Enterprise Architecture Manager



  • 9 months to get original package running
  • Opened doors Feb 2002
  • Today 500,00+ customers
  • $3.1 billion lending
  • $3 billion deposits
  • 6 month profit $11 million
  • Full service retail bank
  • Growth has exceeded original expectations

Integration Challenge

  • Original application package did not meet all our desired functionality
  • No obvious integration approach
  • Therefore we developed a service layer to

o       Abstract integration complexities

o       Expose business capabilities

  • Rapidly put to use


  • 2002 Kiwibank launched
  • 203 first web services; phone banking
  • 2004 txt banking
  • 2005 back office apps
  • 2006 mobile banking, mobile top up; customer facing tool; international

Development Strategy

  • Commercial Need Drives Innovation (Understand problem, visualise solutions)
  • Project Management (objective is certina, make it happen)
  • Requires good development tools and technologies!

o       Prototype quickly

o       Deliver to production robustly

Microsoft and Kiwibank

  • Development environment: Visual Studio
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Framework: .NET

Business Benefits

  • Foster innovation
  • Better, faster delivery
  • Beat the big bankers to market

o       Txt banking

o       Mobile banking

  • Build the brand
  • Enable future change

What’s next?

  • Continue customer focus
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Better manageability with WCF
  • Always looking for new opportunities!


New Products Coming

  • Longhorn Server
  • IIS7
  • .Net 3.5
  • SQL Server Katmai
  • Expression Blend
  • Team foundation Server v2
  • Windows Home Server
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • WPF/e
  • Visual Studio Orcas

Windows Home Server Demo

o       Allows you to browse backups to selectively restore

o       Single Instance Storage

o       Remote Access via Internet

o       Automatically reassign files to free space, so can remove hard drives on demand

o       So can add bigger drives in the future, without increasing the number of external drives attached

o       Windows Vista Ultimate Extras – new updates via Windows Update e.g Windows DreamScene (moving desktop background video).

o       Jeremy Boyd (built tool Background Motion), Director, Mindscape

Microsoft competition in cooperation with GeekZone


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