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Extending the Reach of your Applications

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 15-Mar-2007 20:26

Extending the Reach of your Applications

Jeremy ( & JD ( 


  • 1990 – MSDOS 6.22
  • 2000 – MS IE 4.0
  • 2007 – Windows Sideshow; Mobile Apps; XBOX; Smart Phones; MS Exchange Server

What has enabled this?

·        Prevalence of Internet

-         Broadband is driving richer experience

-         Users expect to be connected

·        XML standard protocols for exchange of data (RSS, SOAP)

How do you get started?

·        Publish RSS – allow your content to be syndicated

·        Expose Web Services

o       Open (ASP.NET 2.0 or WCF)

o       Secure (WCF)

·        Expose an OpenSearch provider – Let users search directly from their browser

Easy Reach for your applications – Demo

·        RssToolkit.GenericRssChannel

·        OpenSearch

o       Create a Provider.xml which tells OpenSearch where to find the search page.

o       Add a link of application type = OpenSearch/xml


·        Internet – Data (RSS) and Services

·        Platform Services

  • Windows Vista
  • Mobile
  • Media Centre

·        Application Surfaces

o       Microsoft Office 2007

o       SharePoint

Windows Vista Desktop

·        Existing Opportunities – desktop client (Windows Forms)

·        New Opportunities

o       Rich Client (WPF)

o       Mini app (Sidebar Gadget)

Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Unified approach to UI, Documents and Media
  • Integrated, vector-based composition engine
  • Declarative model (XAML)
  • Brings designers and developers together
  • Flexible Deployment


  • Add a reference to Microsoft Feeds, version 1.0 (COM object)

Vista Sidebar Gadgets

  • Easy to use “mini applications”
  • Designed to be informative or functional
  • Designed to have low intrusion
  • Allows reach for existing applications or services
  • Manifest (XML) to interface (html) to CSS, images, JavaScript to ActiveX and/or XML HTTP request

SharePoint Web Parts

  • Created for SharePoint 2003 (what about Digital Dashboard?)
  • Empower users
  • Great for content delivery

ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts

  • Web Parts outside SharePoint
  • Even better for content delivery!

Building Web Parts on WSS v3

  • Import System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts
  • Add the Web Part Manager
  • Customise Page Button
  • Add Web Part Zones (x2)
  • Add Catalog View
  • Add reference to our Web Part
  • DisplayMode = WebPart.ViewDisplayMode

Call to Action

  • Publish an RSS Feed
  • Publish an OpenSearch provider http://tinyurl.clm/zda68
  • Download and install WSS 3.0 – build a Web Part
  • Build a Sidebar Gadget


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