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MS architect Forum Wellington, Thurs 19 April at 4:00pm

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 24-Apr-2007 05:50

From: Mark Carroll (NZ)

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 11:18 PM
To: Mark Carroll (NZ)
Subject: MS architect Forum Wellington, Thurs 19 April at 4:00pm


Thank you for your RSVP for attending this session.

Details from the invitation are reproduced below for your convenience.

See you at 4:pm.


Venue Details:

When is the Event:  4:00pm Thursday 19 April 2007

Where is the Event: Microsoft’s Wellington offices, Mana Room - Level 12 Vodafone on the Park (formerly Mobil House), 157 Lambton Quay (the building behind Midland Park)

Background: When Ron Jacob’s came to NZ last December he created a lot of interest around the ‘Aspiring architect’s’ programme. In this architect forum we continue on with that theme with Darryl Chantry and we also want you stay around for some refreshments afterwards to talk about the Architect’s programme we have been running in NZ for the last three years. We want to get your feedback and insights into the kind of architect community and resources that can really make a difference and add value to both your organisation’s goals and your own personal career goals.

Part 1: Darryl Chantry on the Microsoft Aspiring Architect’s Program

At Microsoft we see aspiring architects as being developers, business analysts, or other IT professionals who want to learn more about architecture. 

Some of the questions we get asked include:

1.       What is architecture?

2.       What does an architect do?

3.       How do I become an architect?

4.       Why would I want to be an architect?

5.       What other architects are out there? (Who should I be following?)

6.       Where should I be reading about architecture?

The Aspiring Architects have received little attention by the IT Industry, which has lead to a substantial shortfall in information this group can use for career development and growth. Given the lack of information currently available in the industry the Aspiring Architect Program has been created to address this issue.

In this presentation we will be discussing the questions listed above and looking at the tools and resources Microsoft will be making available to the aspiring architect. This talk will not only be for those wishing to become architects but also for anyone interested in training people to become architects. The presentation will also provide an opportunity for the attendees to talk over specific issues they may have in finding information relevant for the Aspiring Architect and to provide feedback and suggestions on what they would like to see included in future revisions of the Aspiring Architect’s program.

Part 2 (Over refreshments) Mark Carroll & Darryl Chantry on the NZ Microsoft Architect’s Program.

For the last three years we have been running architect events, including forums such as this, on a regular basis. The numbers attending these events have steadily risen over time in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Over the same period we believe that the resources in terms of best practices guidance and experiences shared by others available from both NZ sources and internationally have increased dramatically. We are looking for your opinions and suggestions on what we currently do that works and what could be made to work better. This is an interactive forum and we would like you to bring along your opinions and preferences.

About the Presenters:

Darryl Chantry.

Darryl joined Microsoft in 2002 as the Architect for the New Zealand Development platform and Strategy group, primarily working in the public sector. During his time in New Zealand, Darryl played a key role in helping customers understand architects, and architecture, and highlighting the importance of both within the enterprise. In 2004 Darryl moved to Microsoft Australia as an Architect working predominantly in the communications sector.  In Australia Darryl worked as an Enterprise, Solutions, and Infrastructure Architect and subsequently has developed a broad skill set as an Architect. Darryl moved to Microsoft Redmond in January of 2007 with his wife Melanie and their two Burmese cats Kito and Hoshi. Darryl’s new role within Microsoft is building a global Aspiring Architect program (AsAP) to provide guidance and assistance for anyone wishing to explore a career as an IT Architect.

Mark Carroll.

I have been the Architect for the New Zealand Development platform and Strategy group since pretty much when Darryl left for Australia in 2004 after my incessant barbing about North Harbour’s performance in the Super12. Most of you already know me from Microsoft and wider industry events usually focused on architecture or my other pet passion application lifecycle management. Another passion of mine (besides Architecture, Application Life cycle management and Rugby Union) is making sure that NZ architects and those folk who wish to become one  get a fair go even if we live at the bottom of the South Pacific. That’s why we need a ‘world class’ architect community with ‘world class content’ and ‘world class’ candidates to keep architecture alive and vibrant here. Your feedback and comments will help maintain and develop both the architect community and our content. So bring yourself and bring your aspiring architects !

The forum will last for approximately one and a half hours.

Event interest rating:

  Infrastructure Architects ****

  Solutions Architects ****

  Senior Developers and Team leaders ****

  Enterprise & Strategic architects ****

The forum will last for approximately one and a half hours.

Event interest rating:

  Infrastructure Architects ***

  Solutions Architects ***

  Senior Developers and Team leaders ***

  Enterprise & Strategic architects ***

Mark Carroll | Architect | Developer & Platform Strategy Group | Microsoft New Zealand Ltd 

DDI: +64-4-8164017 | MOB: +64-21-762-525 | Fax: +64-4-473-2676 | Blog:

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