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Minutes of Workgroup Solutions Team Day

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 17-May-2007 05:54

WST Team Day

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Round Table - All

  • Application Linker
    • Could be turned into a Vista Gadget?
  • Working together
    • Can Tim help me with UPC?

Server Migration – David Bulog

  • Budget $350K
    • 5 new boxes = “blade” servers
    • 3 old boxes = DR
  • Can DR servers be set up with Replication?
    • No they can’t
    • Not allowed to be hot-swappable
    • Budget constraint
  • Windows Server 2003
    • Is IIS6 standard?
    • Is IIS7 a Service Pack upgrade?
  • Move DTS package from PROD to SSIS on DEV (can still push to PROD).
    • Send to Dave?

Word from the Top – Murray Mitchell

  • Structural Changes
    • Wellington App Dev Manager role happening “soon” (2 weeks)
    • Capability (training) Manager also happening tomorrow
    • Identity and Access Management – Meta-directory (Novell product) project to maintain/synchronise identities.  Now Sun product is option (Novell difficult to engage).
    • Peter Hill – service response reporting.
  • Operating Model Reviews
    • PROBE – major problems
    • Meta-space
    • Mobile Devices
  • Operational Separation
    • Is immanent
    • SAP teams will be hit hard
    • Has implications for our work for Wholesale
    • Shared Capability will remain as an entity with clear rules of engagement
  • Engagement scores
    • Completed
    • To be released soon after analysis
  • Very dependable team
    • no red flags
    • no head count issues
    • recruitment drive in the market generating considerable interest = 200 applications

WST Issues - Mike Owen

  • Training – will be approved on a case-by-case basis
  • Separation – will need to stay aware
  • Tech Mahindra – will make ourselves available to assist them to assist us by explaining our needs for contract resources.
  • Performance Reviews

Team Standards – Norman Close

  • Database – Norman will create a document
  • ASP.NET – James will create a document
  • CMM – Team will not attempt to obtain an objective measure of standards, but will adhere to Best Practices as/when they become known

(Break for lunch)

New Stuff – Megha Barpande

  • Use of Empty Data Template to present Details View embedded in Grid View
  • Use of 3-tier – difficult to understand initially, but now very easy to implement and maintain.
  • Grid View (design mode) will not show Enable Editing option, if the underlying Object Data Source doesn’t allow editing.
  • Themes – for consistent look and feel

New Stuff – James

  • SQL Migration Scripts
  • Master Pages
  • Forms Authentication & Authorisation
  • Site Map, Site Navigation & Bread crumbs



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