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Passed Exam 70-547

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 12-Sep-2007 10:04

Exam Number:         70-547

Name:                    PRO: Designing and Developing Web-Based Applications by Using the Microsoft® .NET Framework

Passing Score:         700

My Score:               725!!!

Result:                    Pass (Just)

Sectional Results (approximations):

  • Envisioning and Designing an Application (80%)
  • Designing and Developing a User Interface (85%)
  • Designing and Developing a Component (45%)
  • Designing and Developing an Application Framework (70%)
  • Testing and Stabilizing an Application (100%)
  • Deploying and Supporting an Application (80%)

This is the last exam of three (the other two being 70-528 & 70-536) which give me the new credential:

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (.NET 2.0: Web)

I’m happy, but shattered.  This one took a lot of study.



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Comment by Juan, on 30-Apr-2008 03:33

I'm taking this one next wednesday.

What did you find most difficult?

Did you use any other material appart from the self-paced training kit and personal experience? (I used only those two things in the previous ones (536 and 528) and did very well)

Oh, and congrats! =)

Author's note by JamesHip, on 30-Apr-2008 08:12

Thanks Juan,

From my sectional scores, I'd have to say that Designing and Developing a Component must be my most difficult objective.  I guess this is kind of understandable, given that I come from a DB background, rather than OOP.

I just used the Measure Up practice exams as well.  These really helped me to focus my study on my areas of greatest weakness.

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