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[dotnet] MCPD upgrade exams from MCSD

By James Hippolite, in , posted: 12-Jun-2008 05:39

Kiaora Shane, The greatest piece of advice I received was: don’t do it!  Do the individual exams instead.  When I attempted the 70-551, I failed.  Ended up doing all 3 exams separately (70-536, 70-528, 70-547).  Greater coverage, greater understanding.  Unless you’re a genius.  For those of us of average intelligence, not a good choice.  

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Subject: [dotnet] MCPD upgrade exams from MCSD
has anyone sat either of exams 70-553 or 70-554? If so, do you have any study material you can sell second hand, or can you point me towards some study material? There are guides and practice exams available for the other regular exams in the MCPD range, but there seems to be a scarcity of anything for the upgrade exams.


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